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The Idol: Obscene Cinematic Controversy and BLACKPINK Jennie's Noteworthy Acting Debut

The controversy of HBO's The Idol fades, as BLACKPINK shines in her acting debut.

Jennie has taken her first steps into the world of acting with her debut in the HBO drama series The Idol. The questionable show was co-produced by Abel "The Weeknd" Tesfaye and Sam Levinson, the writer of Euphoria.

The Idol, previously known as a widely anticipated series, is now positioned in the bottom rank due to uproar over its ominous and explicit scenes. According to Lorraine Ali of the New York Times, “'The Idol' is so bad that it's given HBO a new distinction: home of the year's most ill-conceived prestige drama.” But enough about that; let's talk about Jennie!

Despite landing a supporting role in the series, Jennie and her character became the talk of the town. The "Solo" singer channeled her signature idol aura and an amplified provocative side that garnered quite a number of mixed reactions. Recent episodes have revealed a different dimension to her character. With the dangerously risqué elements still intact, Jennie's acting skills showcase Dyanne's vulnerability and innocence as the storyline progresses. This leaves viewers intrigued and eager to see more of her character's development instead of the actual series.

The Idol in Vintage

The HBO series held its world premiere at the 76th Cannes Film Festival. The K-Pop idol graced the red carpet for the first time at the prestigious event, wearing a magnificent vintage Hollywood-style Chanel dress that was retrieved from Chanel's archives.

Jennie On Screen

The Idol marks a significant milestone in Jennie's acting career. Prior to this, her previous film credits were primarily related to her work with BLACKPINK. Her transition from being a member of BLACKPINK to slowly shifting into acting illustrates her eagerness to delve into new artistic ventures. This opportunity in acting has given the singer the ability to demonstrate her talents beyond music and dance.

While the 18-age-rated TV series and characters may have elicited some frowns, Jennie's debut in The Idol sets the foundation for what promises to be an excitingly unpredictable adventure in cinema and television as she pursues her acting career. BLINKs are clearly pleased to see her progress as an actress and look forward to her future endeavors.



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