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Terrible TV Shows and Movies Saved by Extraordinary Endings

First impressions don't always last.

Let’s face it, having to sit through bad movies and TV shows is a nightmare. Although, it might just be even worse to sit through one that miraculously becomes great in the last 10 minutes. If the writers and directors could make an interesting enough ending, surely they could’ve just made the movie interesting from the start as well, right?

The movies talked about in this article are just some the worst movies ever made, but they prove that endings can save just about any movie or show, however bad.

Below, find 8 terrible TV shows and movies saved by extraordinary endings.

1. Twilight: Breaking Dawn: Part 2

Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2 movie poster
Image From Summit Entertainment

Twilight inspires strong feelings in everyone. Whether it’s love for the series or hate, the influence of the series is pretty strong. The last film in the franchise deals with the final chapter of Edward and Bella’s life. The whole movie is pretty bland and uneventful. Things stay boring until the final scene- the film then transforms into an epic action film for a few seconds. Heads being chopped, bodies burned, Edward and Bella teaming up to kill the Volturi leaders. Sure, it is just a vision, but it is definitely more action than all the Twilight films combined.

2. Angel

Angel movie poster
Image From Mutant Enemy Productions

The spin-off for Buffy was not appealing from the get-go. It took time to gain its footing and had to go through some pains before it managed to capture its audience. Thankfully, the show found its footing later on, with addition of new characters and ended on a high note.

3. Epic

Epic movie poster
Image From Blue Sky Studios

This movie had great animation, we won’t deny that. The cast was great as well. However, the story fell flat in lots of places and was downright boring in some places. It lacked characterization, but the ending credits are spectacular. Beautifully animated, it provides a two-fold ending to the film, making it pretty enjoyable to watch.

4. Skyline

An incredibly boring film. It pretends to be something it is not. Although the plot is an alien invasion, it sees little in terms of excitement. The ending, however, is pretty spectacular; despite being shown in still pictures.

5. Equilibrium

Equilibrium movie
Image From Dimension Films

A sci-fi movie detailing a future where emotions and art are suppressed, Equilibrium features Sean Bean and Christian Bale. Although the movie is not as interesting as its premise, it is saved by its ending. An epic battle scene can save any movie and so was the case with Equilibrium. Most of the movie is agonizingly boring, but the climax surprisingly turns out to be extremely satisfying.

6. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters starring Chris Hemsworth
Image From Columbia Pictures

This 2016 reboot by Paul Feig, is not very interesting. The movie has a promising start, but that’s the only interesting part. Until it reaches the end. Chris Hemsworth leading a Beetlejuice-like dance sequence is the only thing that saved this film. It is the film’s best and funniest moment and definitely saves the entire film, despite being only used as the backdrop to credits.

7. The Butterfly Effect

Butterfly Effect movie starring Ashton Kutcher
Image from New Line Cinema

A time travelling science fiction, the movie very strongly fumbles its entire premise; but the director’s cut ending embraces the tone the whole film set and makes for a ludicrous - yet great ending.

8. Click

Click Movie Starring Adam Sandler
Image from Sony Pictures

On the great to why God scale, this movie strongly lands on the why God category. Lazy humor combined with ribald tales, the movie is painful to watch. On the other hand, the conclusion gets surprisingly emotional. Plus, it saves the watchers from regretting purchasing the ticket.


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