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Legacies Season 4: 5 Plot Twists We Didn't See Coming

“There is no monster like me.”

Legacies Season 4
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The latest season of CW’s Legacies brought a lot of drama, twists, and turns that we did not expect. The first episode dropped on 14 October 2022, while the mid-season finale aired on 16 December 2021. Before CW drops the rest of the episodes, we have rounded up the 5 best plot twists of this season.

1. Hope Becoming A Tribrid

Hope Mikaelson's fate has been decided from the start of the series. Her destiny was to become a tribrid, although nobody knew the true purpose for that - to kill Malivore. The reason we did not expect this to happen, at least not so soon, is because everyone has been trying to avoid this fate for her, herself included. But she embraced her destiny and became a tribrid to finally end the threat of Malivore.

2. Hope Turning Off Her Humanity

Hope may have accepted her fate of becoming a tribrid and killing Malivore, but turns out everyone was right to be worried. Turns out she is her father’s daughter. Unable to cope with killing Landon and losing yet another person she loves, her humanity flips off. She spends the rest of the season much like Klaus spent most of his life: killing and maiming.

3. Hope Killing Alaric

Alaric has been a very important part of the series. Not to mention, a father figure for Hope. Thus, it was truly shocking to see that he was killed, that too by Hope herself. But, his daughters are determined to bring him back. And Lizzie is determined to make Hope pay for taking away their father.

4. Aurora Du Martel Returns

In a very surprising turn of events, season 4 saw the return of Aurora Du Martel, hell bent on taking revenge from Hope for Klaus’s deeds. Presumed dead by all fans, it so happens she was rescued by the Triad. And has been alive all this time, planning and plotting her revenge. She manages to exchange bodies with Hope by tricking her, but Hope manages to reverse it, with Lizzie’s help.

5. Lizzie Becoming A Vampire

The Merge has been hanging over the twins’ heads ever since the series began. As they inch closer to the age, everyone becomes more determined to stop it. Lizzie even asked Alaric if they should think about her becoming a vampire, who refuses that, saying other solutions will be found. Turns out, there is no bed for that, as Lizzie faces her death at Hope’s hands. Although Hope assumes she’s dead, in the very last scene, she wakes up as a Heretic. If you are not aware, Heretic is a coven of witches who are vampires as well as witches. And originated from the Gemini coven.


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