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Stray Kids Put Their Signature Twist On The Holiday Season With "Christmas Evel"

'Tis the season to be a Stay!

Stray Kids
Stray Kids | Image from JYP Entertainment

Stray Kids released their first-ever Christmas mini-album “Christmas Evel” on 29th November. The K-Pop gem contains 4 songs: the title track “Christmas Evel”, the English version of the song "DOMINO" from "No Easy", "Winter Falls", and "24 to 25".

Following their tradition, the group unveiled MV teasers last week closer to the release dates; and it sure did create some intense hype! Let’s get into the festive mood with this lovely album:

A Very Stray Kids Christmas

"Christmas Evel": the epitome of Christmas feels with a dashing touch of Stray Kids in it! The song is a rollercoaster ride around the town with so many presents for everyone. Combine it with an MV shining with notes of humor, and you'll be in the holiday mood in no time!

Felix had his fair share of iconic lines with the transition to "Feliz Navidad". Plus, the outro was also done seamlessly and didn’t feel disjointed from the rest of the song.

"Domino" English version: They did such a great job matching the cadence of the original. Even after translating it to a different language, the song channels the same inflexion tricking you into thinking it’s the Korean version. "Domino" is proving itself a bop in multiple languages.

"24 to 25": This is such a soft and crisp song! The vocals are cozy and comforting; and are like a warm hug in this winter season. Chan’s high note and Felix’s unusual soft voice sparks the traditional ballad feel.

From Stray Kids' clever wordplay throughout the song, it's evident that they're sending a Christmas message to their fans, STAYS; Stay for Christmas Eve.

Winter Falls: An upbeat yet chill song; a Han Jisung trademark! It proves to be the best song that delivers heartfelt lyrics in a joyful tune. The song’s chorus will definitely encourage you to play it on a loop.

K-Pop Christmas

This year’s first K-Pop Christmas themed album has proven to be a bop! There is no doubt about it that it has something for everyone; even if you're not a fan of Christmas, "Christmas Evel" is for you.

Do you like your Christmas ballads warm and sweet? There's "24 to 25"! Are you in a Christmas funk that you'll like to overcome? "Winter Falls" will help you with that. It’s mini yet impactful!

Happy holidays!


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