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BTS Stops Traffic for James Corden's Crosswalk Concert Segment

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

Braving the dangers of COVID-19, BTS will be staying in the US for an extended period of time to participate in a plethora of media activities. Today, the seven-piece has returned to the The Late Late Show With James Corden; and this time, they're halting traffic with their very own Crosswalk Concert.

BTS and the American Hustle Life 2.0?

Okay, fine, so this may not be an actual spinoff of the group's beloved reality show, American Hustle Life, but BTS is busy in the US right now, and they're hustling from the crosswalk to the side walk with James Corden.

Snippets of the septet filming for Crosswalk Concert revealed that they made at least 3 outfit changes to perform "Dynamite", "Butter", and "Permission to Dance" in the middle of the road while cars waited for the traffic lights to turn green. Waiting at an intersection can be a tedious task, but when you have BTS giving you a free concert, not so much.

In true Bangtan style (and James Corden style, of course), Jungkook, Suga, Jin, RM, Jimin, V, and J-Hope showcased their dance moves and vocal prowess for short intervals and then proceeded to run for dear life when the lights switched from red to green.

Of course, their guerilla performance was not free of the occasional trip, fall, piggyback ride, and squeal; and that's why it's a segment to look forward to!

Also, big props to the Late Late Show team for pushing, pulling, rolling, and rearranging the elaborate props accordingly without getting ran over by a car. It's a true talent, really.

The Late Late Show With James Corden: Still Papa Mochi

ARMY has recently put James Corden in scorching hot water in a fiery cauldron over a bonfire for a comment he made about BTS' appearance at the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) this year.

Most likely meaning well, but making an unpleasant choice of words, the talk show host stated that there were "unusual" guests at the UNGA, and that the group's fans are 15-year-old girls. (Oooooh...)

Ever since that pivotal statement, ARMY has been bombarding James Corden with cancel culture attacks and even attempted to revoke his "Papa Mochi" status. (For the entire Papa Mochi and Baby Mochi backstory, watch BTS' appearance on Carpool Karaoke.)

Luckily, BTS and James Corden cleared the air during their studio interview, showing fans that all is well in the land of Mochi.

Yes, ARMY, Baby Mochi (Jimin) and the entire group have forgiven James Corden, so you can put your pitchforks down now.

An Era of Triumph for BTS

Let's be honest, BTS has been winning at life for a very long time now, but with their triple threat win at the American Music Awards earlier this week, they have made history once again as the first Asian act to take home the award for Artist of the Year. So, their interview with Corden could not have been set at a more perfect moment in time.

While the South Korean boyband is probably already strategizing how to make more space in their trophy case, they have received a Grammy nomination that might gain them yet another accolade.

Will BTS win Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Butter" this time, or is it high time to just not care so much about validation from the Recording Academy? Tune in on January 31, 2022 to find out!

Permission to Dance on Stage -L.A.

Aside from their overwhelming wins at award shows, spectacular performances, and quirky TV show appearances, BTS is slated to bring the soul once again in their very first in-person concert tour since the start of the pandemic. While it was expected that the South Korean stars would hold their first semi-post-pandemic in-person concert in their home country, it appears that they have opted to check the US—where the COVID restrictions have been eased dramatically—off their list first. Check out their concert dates and venues below!

  • November 27, SoFi Stadium

  • November 28, SoFi Stadium

  • December 1, SoFi Stadium

  • December 2, SoFi Stadium

  • December 3 (Jingle Ball), L.A. Forum

Looks like it's going to be a very Bangtan Christmas for ARMY!



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