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PENTAGON Makes a Grand Comeback With Their 12th Mini Album "IN:VITE U"

10 months in the making, PENTAGON is finally back with a brand new mini album that has fans feelin' like magic.

PENTAGON K-Pop Group Dancing on Stage
PENTAGON | Image Courtesy of Reels Corporation

January 24, 2022 | Kicking off the afternoon is true Hallyu style, PENTAGON held an exclusive media showcase, wherein they premiered the music video of their album's carrier single, "Feelin' Like".

The K-Pop stars also performed the very first live stage of the brand new song, effectively setting the stage ablaze with their sleek dance moves and hypnotic melodies.

Clad in polished black outfits and fierce haircuts, PENTAGON marked the beginning of a new era.


IN:VITE U is a catchy title that pertains to PENTAGON inviting you to a new world, where they quickly fall for you. (You know, 'cause "vite" means "quickly" in French.)

Keeping the theme of catchiness going, "Feelin' Like" is a retro pop beat that proudly showcases the ensemble's flawless knack for pop and R&B.

From the enthralling music video all the way to the snappy chorus and powerful bridge, "Feelin' Like" is a song that you wouldn't mind playing on loop all day long.

Each member displayed their own specific brand of charm, proving that they can truly take on any genre and take it to the next level.

To top it all off, the track is extra special, as the lyrics were written by 4 of the members, Jin Ho, Woo Seok, and Kino.

Hats off, it deserves a standing ovation.

PENTAGON K-Pop Group performing on stage
PENTAGON performing "Feelin' Like" | Image Courtesy of Reels Corp


PENTAGON has made international waves with hit songs like "Shine", "Naughty Boy", "Spring Snow", and "Do or Not"; and now it's simply inevitable that "Feelin' Like" will be joining the ranks of these fantastic masterpieces. Who knows..."Feelin' Like" may be their best work, so far.

Watch out, world; because PENTAGON is back, and their mini album is feelin' like a massive hit.



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