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MONSTA X Comeback: "REASON" Mini Album Review

MONSTA X bets on punk rock in "Beautiful Liar" comeback.

Wake up, MONBEBEs, because there's a MONSTA X comeback in the area! The K-Pop group recently returned with their 12th mini album, "REASON." The release even came with a powerful MV for the project's opening track, "Beautiful Liar."

Monsta X
Monsta X | Inage from @monsta_x_official on InstagramM

Hyungwon, Joohoney, and I.M. participated in the song's composition, which features a production filled with powerful punk rock elements capturing the dangerous and irresistible feelings of a love that is difficult to let go of. The E.P. advances with the songs "Daydream," "Crescendo," "LONE RANGER," and "Deny" and closes with a softer pop in "I.T.'S ALRIGHT."

Check out each song on this mini-album, which is already becoming one of my favorites.


This music video is simply one of the best of their career, so far. From the composition to the video, you want to watch it several times to catch the little details.

Pop-punk is a dominant factor and the costumes are on-point. On top of that, the choreography makes you want to train until you learn it by heart. We can not highlight the rap vocals of "Beautiful Liar" enough; they are simply killer.


"It's Alright (괜찮아)" has an optimistic atmosphere of returning to your love. Yet it also channels a very strong street-rhythm that reminds you a little of hip-hop from the 2000s.


You can't deny that this track is a bop. The subtle blend of hip-hop and R&B makes it the perfect tune for a dance for two.

The great evolution in the boys' musical career is evident, and it is incredible to see how much effort they put into each production and composition.


And let's rock! If there's one thing we know about Monsta X, it's that they aren't afraid to play around with different styles. This one has a rock style that makes you so addicted, you'd play it on loop everyday.


You would never see what's coming with "Crescendo (춤사위)". It's that type of track that goes through several types of genres with each verse. It may sound crazy, but Monsta X makes it work.


This is my favorite. "Daydream" gives the impression of a movie soundtrack that holds you from beginning to end. Over here hoping there was a music video too!

Monsta X World Domination

Aside from their "Reason" comeback, MONSTA X's most recent work was "Late Night Feels" in partnership with DJ Sam Feldt. In 2021, the group released the album "The Dreaming." This was the second album of their career to be fully assembled with songs 100% in English.

It is worth remembering that I.M. is still without an exclusive contract with Starship Entertainment – the agency behind MONSTA X. The singer's decision was made so that he could work on other solo projects. However, this did not interfere with his activities with the group, in which he remains a member.


For those who might not know, Shownu is still

serving in military, but should be discharged in April of this year.

Hopefully, we can see the boys on stage before they all enlist in the army!

We can say that MONSTA X is one of the daring groups of this generation, and they definitely deserve all their moments in the limelight. Tell us below which is your favorite song from the mini-album!


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