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6 STAYC Songs That Belong On Your Workout Playlist

Get these songs on your workout playlist, ASAP!

The girl group STAYC, an acronym for Star To a Young Culture, has been dominating our playlists! The female sextet debuted in 2020 and is already considered one of the strongest groups in the 4th generation of K-Pop.

Even as rookies, these girls have already stolen many hearts worldwide.

There is no denying that their songs make anyone want to dance, and that's why we gotchu with this STAYC workout playlist. Ready?

1. So Bad

This one was one of the first ones I heard, and the rhythm is a bit reminiscent of the '90s style with a lively and dance-y feel. Great for pedaling harder on your bike.

2. Poppy

I love the music video for this song! "Poppy" has an easy-to-learn choreography and a chorus that's impossible to get out of your head.

3. Stereotype

The song may seem calmer initially, but it builds with the chorus and is excellent for walks. It's worth checking out the clip that has a charming school style too!


Definitely my favorite of them all. "ASAP" features an addictive choreography and a rhythm unlike anything you've seen (or heard). Definitely worth adding to your workout playlist to break a serious sweat.

5. RUN2U

This one brought a more mature sound and showed the evolution of the girls over time. We can call it a masterpiece, and it's one of my favorites from their comeback. The rap part of the song is simply amazing!!


This one will make you want to dance over and oclver again until you know the lyrics and choreography by heart. It's danceable and addictive. A true signature STAYC sound.

STAYC To the World

StayC is just one of the biggest names in K-Pop, and they are making noise around the world too.

And did you know that they recently had an amazing fan meeting in Manila?


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