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MAMAMOO Channels Fierce Bohemian Flair in MV for "AYA"

Moonbyul, Wheein, Solar, and Hwasa are back, and they're more fiery and fantastic than ever!

Image from RBW

On November 3, 2020, one of K-Pop's most talented girl groups unleashed their savage side in a stunning music video for their newest single, "AYA". Breaking out the moves and hitting those high notes, MAMAMOO once again showcased their exceptional skill and charisma.

Image from RBW

Channeling Bohemian finesse, the quartet smized and smoldered in their alluring gyspy-esque ensembles. Aside from donning fashion-forward outfits, MAMAMOO amped up the theatrics with Moonbyul wielding a bow and arrow, Hwasa waving around an ax, Wheein batting her eyelashes from behind an intricately beaded mask, and Solar rocking a white dress and an artistic unibrow. (Who knew a unibrow could look so pretty?)

Image from RBW

The jungle and temple-inspired qualities of the striking music video intertwined perfectly with the straightforward words of the song, which can be perceived as an empowering breakup anthem. Their stormy lyrics symbolize the transition of turning teardrops into raindrops, and it's hand-down one of the most brilliant lines they have ever produced. Teardrops usually come from sadness, but raindrops give us life. If you've ever cried tears, it's time to turn them into rain. The vigorous symbolism is a true attestation to MAMAMOO's artistic prowess that simply continues to evolve over time.

Image from RBW

"AYA" is an ode to severing toxic ties, and it is yet another record-breaking hit by the top-tier K-Pop group that is bound to climb the charts in no time. With over 7 million views in less than 24 hours, MAMAMOO just made a phenomenal comeback that's got fans raving and hitting that replay button nonstop.

Image from RBW

The energetic premise of track and mv pair up perfectly with the group's eccentric charisma and stalwart aesthetic. It's a song that doesn't shy away from attention, but rather charges full force forward. It's a true melodic unfiltered epiphany.

With the release of "Dingga" and "AYA", MAMAMOO is officially back, MooMoos!


Source: RBW


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