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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Meet Junoflo: The First Korean Artist to Perform at the NBA Halftime Show

The power that Junoflo holds is equal to the flow of his rap; formidable and unstoppable.

Junoflo | Image from @junoflo on Instagram

From his days as a popular contestant on Show Me the Money, Junoflo now stands in his very own spotlight. The "5eoul AM" rapper created a signature brand of versatility, highlighted by his hybrid knack for hip hop, rap, and a dash of jazz.

Fresh off his successful L.A. show with G2, Justin Park, and Year of the Ox, Junoflo is clearly in his element. On top of a concert that rocked several fandoms, this multidimensional artist is bringing the fire with his latest song, "Dale Denton".

PopMachine sat down with Junoflo to chat about his experience hitting the stage with his talented squad, his historical performance at an NBA halftime show, the weirdest thing he's ever added to cart, and everything in between.

★ POPMACHINE: Hi, Junoflo! Congrats on your new collaboration with G2, Justin Park, and Year of the Ox. Can you talk to us about the L.A. show? What was the biggest highlight?

JUNOFLO: The LA show was beautiful. It felt surreal to see all the fans and homies come out to show love, even on a Sunday night. The biggest highlight for me, was when we were all on stage together at the end to perform the songs we made in the past few months. The energy’s different!

★ POPMACHINE: "Dale Denton" is such a fierce track. What was the catalyst inspiration for this song?

JUNOFLO: Jaeyoung produced that one so he was really the one who got the ball rolling. That’s the type of vibe that the YOX really shine on, and I love dabbling in different styles so it was a fun one to rap on for me.

★ POPMACHINE: What is one lyric from "Dale Denton" that truly represents the essence of the song?

JUNOFLO: Lyricks’ verse when he says “Everybody fronts like they know action in real life, but I actually feel like I’ll body something”

★ POPMACHINE: Can you walk us through the pillar points of your song writing process?

JUNOFLO: It really just depends on my mood, what I went through during the days following up to it, and what type of music I’ve been listening to. But usually the beat is the heart of the song, so based on what I’m making, a melody comes first.

★ POPMACHINE: Which song did you enjoy performing most at the L.A. show?

JUNOFLO: Dale Denton and Activated (unreleased)

★ POPMACHINE: Can you give us spoilers about any upcoming live shows or concerts?

JUNOFLO: I think the squad is gonna be taking up a few more shows very soon, so we’ll be on the road..

★ POPMACHINE: What is your ultimate goal for 2023?

JUNOFLO: Put out this project with the homies, then put out my solo project that I’ve been crafting for the past year, then DJ + perform all over.

★ POPMACHINE: You have received so much love from your fans over the span of your career, so far. What is the most memorable fan comment you've read or best fan interaction you've experienced?

JUNOFLO: I’ve been grateful to receive the type of love that I’ve received. Music is my escape and expression, so when it hits the fans as personally as it does for me, that means a lot. I’ve had someone tell me that my music has helped them come out of a dark place after losing a family member. That hit deep.

★ POPMACHINE: We know it's nearly impossible to pick favorites, but if you had to crown one of your songs as the "most loop-worthy" for a fan to listen to, which one would it be?

JUNOFLO: That really is a hard question. Honestly I’d say my unreleased songs that will be coming out soon haha.

Junoflo | Image from @junoflo on Instagram

★ POPMACHINE: You made history as the first South Korean artist to perform at an NBA halftime show. How did you prepare for this?

JUNOFLO: I just prepped like I usually do for shows, make sure I remember all my lyrics, and know how to interact with the crowd. It’s a different type of performance doing it on a

basketball court in the middle of Staples Center so I really didn’t know how else to

prepare haha.

★ POPMACHINE: Your existing collabs are all amazing. Do you have any other dream collaborations?

JUNOFLO: Thanks! I have so many artists I’d love to collaborate with one day. In hip-hop,

Kendrick Lamar, Method Man, or Black Thought. In electronic, Daft Punk, Skrillex, and Ivy Lab.

★ POPMACHINE: Do you have any hidden talents that would surprise your fans?

JUNOFLO: I’m pretty good at ice skating and snowboarding haha.

★ POPMACHINE: If your music would be turned into an ice cream flavor. Which one would it be? What would you rename it as?

JUNOFLO: The past music I’ve released would probably be dark chocolate. The music that’s to come would be.. a banana split

★ POPMACHINE: What is the weirdest thing you added to cart?

JUNOFLO: A one piece giant banana costume

★ POPMACHINE: What does an ideal day-off in Junoflo's life look like?

JUNOFLO: Wake up on an island and cool out in a crib by the water with my lady.

★ POPMACHINE: Imagine this: you're going to be stranded on a deserted island for one year, and the most recent type of food you ate is what you will be eating for a year straight. What is it?

JUNOFLO: Asado (argentinian bbq)

Junoflo | Image from @junoflo on Instagram

★ POPMACHINE: If you were to go on a world tour, which country would you want to visit first?

JUNOFLO: Germany! Because that was my first ever international show back in 2018.

★ POPMACHINE: What's your advice for aspiring artists?

JUNOFLO: Trust your ear and your gut feeling. Usually if it makes you happy, you’re on the right path.

★ POPMACHINE: Thanks for chatting with us! Before we cap things off, do you have a message for your fans and PopMachine readers?

JUNOFLO: Shoutouts everybody tuning in and listening to my music. I have a LOT planned for the upcoming year so keep an ear out.



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