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INTERVIEW: Bom Brings Futuristic Nostalgia With Her New Mixtape "My Past Days"

Lo-fi star on the rise, Bom, treats music aficionados to a profound listening experience with her brand new mixtape, My Past Days.

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Bom Mixtape "My Past Days" | Image From Instagram @bomsbloom

My Past Days

As a reflection of her past days within the span of the pandemic and lockdown, this talented South Korean American artist shines a fresh new light with her laid-back lo-fi style.

My Past Days features the tracks, "My Star", "Alone Again", "Ready Now", and "Vibe With Me". With each song depicting nostalgia in the most futuristic way possible, Bom's mixtape definitely needs a spot on your chill weekend playlist. Rainy days or not, this mixtape is an innovative celebration of sound.

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BOM | Image From Instagram @bomsbloom

Pineapple Pizza Music

In an exclusive interview, PopMachine sat down with Bom to discuss everything from her musical beginnings, industry role models, the importance of fitness, and cooking. Relating her music to a pineapple pizza, she shares that her style is something that people will definitely love once they try it!

Dispensing her advice for aspiring artists, Bom conveys a very important message: "Don't be afraid to be yourself!"

Watch the full interview on our Youtube channel: Interview with BOM | Lo-Fi Artist


Source: PopMachine Interview

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