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Hotel Transylvania 4: Going Out With A Bang

Everyone is talking about the monster event of the season!

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania is the fourth and last installment of the spooky movie franchise. After being postponed due to the onslaught of the COVID-19 Delta variant, the highly-anticipated film dropped on January 14; and Selena Gomez even hosted a watch party on Twitter.

Hotel Transylvania poster
Image from Hotel Transylvania Instagram

Raving Reviews

Fans were delighted and took to social media to post gushing reviews about the movie.

Some praised Mavis’s character whilst some loved the storyline. Some were, however, a little disappointed with the absence of Adam Sandler as Dracula. (But the new voice actor did great at filling his shoes!)

Nevertheless, the entire crew of Hotel Transylvania came back with a bang. The animation and voice overs were on point and the film delivered the perfect end to a perfect franchise.

A Spooky Synopsis

The movie had everything that is central to the Hotel Transylvania franchise; a chaotic storyline, disaster, Mavis saving the day. and an apologetic Dracula.

The story starts with Count Dracula planning on handing the hotel over to Mavis. Overhearing him planning, she gets excited and tells Johnny about their new inheritance. Cue Johnny getting over-excited and going to Drac to tell him of his plans. This results in him lying to Johnny about a monster real estate law preventing him from inheriting the hotel. Wanting to set things right for Mavis, he asks Van Helsing to change him into a monster. Cue disaster striking when his invention malfunctions. Johnny and Drac head out to find the crystal for the ray. And Drac still has a few lessons to learn about acceptance.

The final part in the series has definitely generated a buzz among fans. While most of it is positive, some fans weren’t completely happy with the movie and feel the ending was rushed. Most fans were disappointed to see the franchise come to an end and recounted how it has been a part of their childhood.

Adam Sandler's Drac: M.I.A.?

It was announced by Sony that Adam Sandler is stepping back from his role, leaving fans disappointed. No reason was disclosed, but the other actors all returned to reprise their roles. Selena Gomez voiced Mavis, whilst Jonathan was voiced by Andy Samberg. Both have been with the franchise since 2012. Brian Hull replaced Adam Sandler as Count Dracula.

The Lesson

We would definitely miss the adorable Dennis and the over-excited Johnny. And Mavis always saving the day.

The movie was funny, heartwarming, and delivered a message of acceptance by using burnt marshmallows as an analogy.

The best part had to be Dracula seeing the sun for the first time, and being overwhelmed by its beauty, only for it to burn his eyes as he kept staring at it in awe. This prompts Johnny to step in and save him from being hit by vehicles. (Only to for him to cause an accident by breathing out fire while shouting for a taxi.)

If you missed it, the film is streaming on Amazon Prime video. Believe us, this i s not a film to be missed!


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