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[EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW] Rap Genius G2 Wants to Get Ripped, Get Rich, and Hit Diamond Rank on Wild Rift

Does G2 stand for Groundbreakingly Gifted?

G2 | Image from @g2slife on Instagram

Korean-American rapper, G2, redefined the name of the game when he debuted with "Project Brainwash" in 2014.

The fierce artist expanded his spotlight by shining on multiple South Korean TV shows, such as Show Me the Money and Tribe of Hip Hop.

Busy making his mark on the global map, G2 is fresh off his big Los Angeles show with co-artists and friends, Junoflo, Justin Park, and Year of the Ox. The talented squad treated the audience to live performances of their newest tracks, "Gold Rocky" and "Dale Denton", and now they're ready to blaze further into their collaborative trail.

PopMachine had a quick chat with G2 about his goals for 2023, upcoming shows, and his happiest moment to date.

★POPMACHINE: Hi, G2! Congrats on your new collaboration with Junoflo, Justin Park, and Year of the Ox. Can you talk to us about the L.A. show? What was the biggest highlight?

G2: The fact that we shared a stage, and had all our people show love and support. It was a beautiful moment!

★POPMACHINE: "Dale Denton" and "Gold Rocky" are such spectacular tracks. What was the main inspiration for each of them?

G2: Dale Denton is Jaeyoung’s beat I’ve heard for a while so seeing that become what it is, is amazing, and it was just a blast working on the songs because it was with the homies.

★POPMACHINE: What is one lyric from either "Dale Denton" or "Gold Rocky" that truly represents you as an artist?

G2: I would say I recorded those tracks back to back so both have “me” stamped on it.

★POPMACHINE: Can you walk us through your song writing process?

G2: I just like when everything comes naturally and nothing’s ever forced.

★POPMACHINE: Which performance got the crowd most excited at your recent L.A. show?

G2: Mine!

★POPMACHINE: Can you give us spoilers about any upcoming live shows or concerts?

G2: More dates coming soon! Next month is looking great for the west coast. Hopefully more dates and cities to come!

G2 rapper
G2 | Image from @g2slife on Instagram

★POPMACHINE: What is your ultimate goal for 2023?

G2: Get ripped, get rich, shoot around the 90s easy on the golf course, and hopefully reach diamond rank on wild rift.

★POPMACHINE: You have received so much love from your fans over the span of your career, so far. What is the most memorable fan comment you've read or best fan interaction you've experienced?

★G2: Our dear friend and fan Shanwize always comes to support and this time at the show, she gifted everyone each different gifts. she actually got me something I was trying to buy for a long time.

★POPMACHINE: We know it's nearly impossible to pick favorites, but if you had to crown one of your songs as the "most loop-worthy" for a fan to listen to, which one would it be?

G2: Dale Denton and Gold Rocky

★POPMACHINE: From your "Show Me the Money" era to this very second, what is the happiest moment you've ever had?

G2: This very second.

★POPMACHINE: From Jessi all the way to Gray, all of your existing collabs are amazing. Do you have any other dream collaborations?

G2: Year of the Ox, Junoflo, and Justin Park!

★POPMACHINE: Do you have any hidden talents that would surprise your fans?

G2: I think people are always surprised when I tell them I designed/drew my own covers.

★POPMACHINE: If your music would be turned into a dessert. Which one would it be? What would you rename it as?

G2: Tiramisu. I would call it Tirametwo.

★POPMACHINE: What is the weirdest thing you added to cart?

G2: Whole wheat flour, but I don’t think it’s that weird.

★POPMACHINE: What does an ideal day-off in G2's life look like?

G2: I think right now, an off day would still be work, but in my own terms, like a chill day at the studio with the homies.

★POPMACHINE: Imagine this: the first song on your most recent playlist is the only song you are allowed to listen to for a year. What is it, and are you happy with it?

G2: It’s Gone by me, and I think I would lose my mind.

★POPMACHINE: If you were to go on a world tour, which country would you want to visit first?

G2: Korea to stock up on some food.

★POPMACHINE: What's your advice for aspiring artists?

G2: Do you!

★POPMACHINE: Thanks for chatting with us! Before we cap things off, do you have a message for your fans and PopMachine readers?

G2: Thanks for the love and support! Be on the lookout for more songs and whatnot!


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