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Former HYBE HR Manager's New Book ‘How to Work in the K-Pop Industry’ – Out Now!

Working in the K-Pop industry is a dream career for many music enthusiasts. Make it come true with the help of Lee Sang Hwan's book, How to Work In the K-Pop Industry.

From their electrifying performances and unique visuals all the way to their fabulous fashion, K-Pop is both a genre and a global cultural reset. So, there's no question as to why this spectacular industry attracts international talents who want to work either in front of the camera or behind the scenes.

How to work in the k-pop indusrty book
How to Work in K-Pop Industry | Image courtesy of Conexus Lab

Released by Korean entertainment industry education company, Conexus Lab, How to Work in the K-Pop Industry offers K-Pop fans a bird's eye view into the biz. On top of sharing how the K-Pop industry operates as a business, the book also guides you on how to get started as a foreign job applicant.

The Rise of Conexus Lab

The book's main author, Lee Sang Hwan, established Conexus Lab with the intent to share his insight and experience as an HR manager for the entertainment industry's premier companies. This includes HYBE, CJ ENM, JTBC, and Netmarble.

Established in 2019, Conexus Lab is a company that produces and provides educational content for entertainment industry employees and prospective employees. Their primary mission is to contribute to the continuous growth of Korea’s entertainment industry.

Conexus Lab also manages Korea’s largest entertainment and content industry employment community ‘EnJunMo’ (which is short for ‘a gathering of entertainment industry jobseekers’ in Korean). .

The community is basically a communication platform that posts reliable information on careers in entertainment. This space was specially designed to tackle common enployment barriers, such as the lack of access to direct industry enployee advice, among other constructive recruitment information.

This community currently operates as a NAVER café, and hosts approximately 50,000 jobseekers and employees.

Over 200 Jobs Secured and Counting

Thanks to the company's helpful education services, Conexus Lab has, so far, managed to secure final employment offers for over 200 entertainment industry jobseekers. Graduates of Conexus Lab training programs are currently pursuing careers at some of South Korea's leading entertainment agencies. This includes the Big 4: HYBE, SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, and YG Entertainment.

As K-Pop continues to take the world by storm, interest in the industry also increases rapidly, with more jobseekers coming from outside of the country to land entertainment jobs. However, as gaining access to information about the industry from outside of Korea is a challenge, Conexus Lab has published How to Work in K-Pop Industry. This book answers many questions that overseas jobseekers and general K-pop fans might have. Information includes a closer look at the Big 4 agencies' business models, the Korean entertainment industry’s unique recruitment culture, and strategies to make yourself a stand-out candidate in fields like A&R, marketing/publicity, artist development, and more.

The Four Parts of "How to Work In the K-Pop Industry"

  1. The Job Composition of a K-Pop Entertainment Company

2. Entertainment Company Recruitment & How to Apply (A Step-By-Step Guide)

3. How to Experience Working for the K-Pop Industry

4. Meet Foreign Employees Working in the Korean Entertainment Industry

How to Work in the K-Pop Industry can be purchased by visiting Conexus Lab’s official K-POP CONEXUS homepage. A free sample book is also available on the website.




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