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Buffalo Wild Wings Celebrates March Madness with First-Ever Brand Collab

Your favorite game, a huge serving of buffalo wings, and OVERTIME T-shirts; welcome to paradise, sports fans!

Buffalo Wild Wings has recently joined forces with The Overtime Shop to bring you exclusive limited edition apparel during the overtime of men's and women's tournament games.

As the official sports bar of March Madness, Buffalo Wild Wings proudly presents the games, the sauce, and the drip with the launch of this special partnership with Overtime. Both sports and buffalo wing fans alike already know that Buffalo Wild Wings leads the pack as the "Home Of Overtime", and thanks to their first-ever apparel collaboration, you can now unlock awesome pieces from The Overtime Shop.

A man and a woman eating buffalo wings and celery sticks
Buffalo Wild Wings x OVERTIME Apparel

Buffalo Wild Wings X The Overtime Shop

Once a game extends into overtime, you get access to great fashion picks, such as a black hoodie and T-shirt that feature "OVERTIME" in the iconic varsity font. Oh, and don't forget the legendary sauce dripping over the words, of course! Sauce makes everything taste better, so rock your new Overtime merch while you cheer for your team and indulge in some buffalo wings covered in one of B-Dub's' 26 signature sauces and seasonings (YUM!).

What is the price of Buffalo Wild Wings x The Overtime Shop Merch?

Fans can purchase the hoodie for $65 and the t-shirt for $35 exclusively at The Overtime Shop once a game goes into overtime. Last year, 9 tournament games went into overtime, so fans are likely to have more chances to buy during the 134 games of The Big Dance™ this year.

The online store will only be open for a limited time after the game ends. Once it shuts down, it will only open again once another game goes into overtime.

Here's to overtime!



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