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The Adam Project Review: A Cinematic Treasure Trove of Time Travel, Family, and Sarcasm

Spearheaded by a star-studded cast, The Adam Project proves that time travel is real, family is forever, and Ryan Reynolds' witty banter never falters.

After the hilarious success of Free Guy, Ryan Reynolds and Director Shawn Levy reunite to bring you The Adam Project. The pair's 2nd collaboration arrives on Netflix this Friday (March 11), and is bound to make you laugh out loud before it tugs at your heartstrings to make you cry; regardless of the fact that no one around you appears to be cutting onions.

The Adam Project movie poster
The Adam Project | Image Courtesy of Netflix

The Netflix original is a futuristic film adorned with Ryan Reynolds' signature golden sarcasm. Pair it with the prowess of equally talented Jennifer Garner, Mark Ruffalo, and Zoe Saldana, among others; and you're practically star-gazing as the dynamic plot unfolds.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the youngest cast member, Walker Scobell, shines brightly as the younger version of the protagonist. It's almost as if they created a 12-year-old clone of Ryan Reynolds, and that alone is already worth seeing.

The Adam Project: In Review

While the exterior of the movie may be wrapped in futuristic warfare, cool action poses, and yes...light sabers, each layer gets peeled away to reveal a heartwarming core of family love.

It's the year 2050, and adult Adam Reed (Ryan Reynolds) is on a time-traveling mission to 2018 in order to save his wife, Laura (Zoe Saldana). However, as some twist of fate (and a gunshot wound) would have it, he crash-lands in 2022 instead.

If you're wondering who shot him, you can thank Maya Sorian (Catherine Keener), the CEO (read: villain) who controls all the cutting-edge technology.

Now injured, adult Adam's DNA can no longer be read by his space jet, which is why he needs help from little Adam (Walker Scobell) to get it to function again.

Enter young Adam, who may or may not be using his slightly obnoxious yet amusing behavior to cope with the loss of his father (Mark Ruffalo). He even uses it to fend off the bullies at school. To no avail, of course, because they still regularly beat him up. Anyway, he is rightfully freaked out to meet an older version of himself, but they soon warm up to each other and even exchange verbal quips in the most personality-clashing yet harmonious ways possible. We now know what it looks like when you argue with yourself, and it's severely fascinating.

Jennifer Garner takes on the role of Adam's loving mom, who is tired of her son getting into trouble (but seriously, is it really Adam's fault when the bullies just won't leave him alone?). Also still reeling from the loss of her husband (but she already went on a date though, to her son's sheer disdain...), adult Adam encounters the younger version of his mother to give her some words of advice and comfort. Unbeknownst to the mom, she just had a stirring conversation with her son from the future. (Cue the tears.)

The Adam Project
Jennifer Garner and Walker Scobell "The Adam Project" | Image Courtesy of Netflix

Skip to the part where Adam-squared is battling Sorian's heavy-metal-clad guards; and a unexpected character appears out of nowhere to bust them out of there. It's an epic battle scene that will make you speed-chew your popcorn.

After a tearful reunion, the rollercoaster of emotions continues when the Adam duo attempt have to make a decision to actually travel to 2018 or not. Some conflict here and there, until a family reunion of epic proportions is on the rise.

The Adam Project
Walker Scobell of The Adam Project | Image Courtesy of Netflix

We're not gonna lie, we cried about 3 times while watching this, but a certain baseball scene truly emptied a whole box of tissue.

The Adam Project is a lighthearted story that shines a light on the simple yet significant things in life. A big A from us, because it lived up to its tagline: Sometimes, in order to move forward, you have to go back.

Watch the Adam Project with the whole family on March 11, only on Netflix.



All images courtesy of Netflix

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