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BTS V's Full OST for "Our Beloved Summer" To Be Released on Christmas Eve

After hearing only a snippet of BTS V's OST for the newest K-Drama, Our Beloved Summer, the romantic ballad trended literally everywhere. Now, that we know the title (Christmas Tree), we can officially add it to our Christmas song playlists for the holidays!

BTS' V standing in front of a white cherry blossom tree

Our Beloved Summer

The K-drama stars V's close friend, Choi Woo Sik, and Kim Da Mi (Itaewon Class) as the main leads; and shine with their undeniable talent for acting.

The story revolves around 2 friends who participated in a high school documentary that suddenly gains popularity ten years after it was filmed. After a devastating break up they are forced to reunite for a sequel to the documentary.

A boy and a girl laughing while leaning on a wall on a summer day

Lyrics to Love

During the first episode, the OST was first heard while the male lead works on his drawings. Fans instantly recognized the voice, and an online trend frenzy ensued. The snippet ends with the lyrics:

“It’s such a strange thing to do/ Sometimes I don’t understand you/ But it always brings me back to where you are!”

V's graceful words for the track have been the the talk of Twitter for days, as the fandom praised how beautifully it suits the K-Drama’s mood.

Christmas Tree

The teaser for "Christmas Tree" was released last week, showing a snippet of a heartwarming scene from the drama confirming its title and release date. The full OST is all set to be released on Christmas Eve, 24th December, 2021, at 6pm KST. (Merry Christmas, ARMY!)

Moreover, this would be V's second Christmas song in a row. Last year, he collaborated with his friend, Peakboy, to release the track, "Snow Flower", which dropped on Christmas Eve as well.



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