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10 Times BTS' Jin Radiated Worldwide Handsome Vibes

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

This list will have you crying in Yeontan, clapping in alpaca, and laughing in worldwide handsome. Happy birthday, Kim Seok Jin!

Hey, ARMY and Seokjinnies. While BTS continues their world domination, why not shine the spotlight on each of the members to celebrate their sparkling individuality? Let's kick it off with the group's resident Worldwide Handsome, Kim Seok Jin, who is ringing in his 28th birthday today!

The singer has propelled to stardom thanks to a million reasons, but we're just going to go with the top 10 times that he lived up to his quirky nickname. He obviously looks like a Disney prince that wandered straight out of a fairytale and in his quest for the damsel in distress, he ended up joining a boyband; but let's delve into more detail, shall we? Ten handsome reasons coming up in 3, 2, 1!

1. Jin x BTS in the SOOP

BTS Kim Seok Jin fishing
BTS In The Soop | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

Being in the forest for a week with the opportunity to be so close to nature can bring out the best in you, and that definitely happened for Jin. With over seven years of living in the public eye, Jin's kind and polite behavior never faltered, as far as we could see. In their newest reality show offering, BTS immerses themselves in the beauty of Mother Nature, and their mat hyung's endearing instincts have once again resurfaced. In the first few episodes, Jin can be seen cooking for his co-members, playing ping-pong with them, and dragging them out to the lake for some fishing.

There was even an instance when he was the first to rise (emerge from his tent), and went ahead to prepare lunch. Afterwards, he woke up a sleepy Jimin with a spoon. Oh, and don't even get us started on the time that V wanted to flip the pajeon (pancake), but failed the first time. Jin was quick to encourage him to try a second time, and he succeeded! Yay, for pajeon flipping!

2. He's Mr. Friendship

BTS Kim Seok Jin taking a photo with a little boy
Kim Seok Jin | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

If K-Pop were a beauty pageant, Jin would already have been one of the stars awarded with the Mr. Friendship accolade. Let's go back a couple of years to the era of their travel series, Bon Voyage. From Malta and Hawaii all the way to Finland and New Zealand, WWH would always greet random strangers, fearlessly compliment a bunch of guys on their attire, and befriend locals regardless of the language barrier (remember the bar owner in Malta? That friendship was #goals).

3. His Flawless Vocals

If you've heard the record, then you've pretty much heard him live too. Jin's voice has timbre with extraordinary RANGE. Have you heard his high notes in "Epiphany", "Crystal Snow", "Awake", "Moon", and "Abyss"? Being the stellar performer that he is, he just hits them every time. If you're looking for a voice that can be your bedtime lullaby, Jin's serene sunset voice is the soothing remedy you need to drift off to a dreamy night. (Ooh, pun).

Speaking of talent, BTS has just been nominated for a Grammy while skyrocketing to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with "Dynamite" and "Life Goes On". Jin and his co-members just continue to prove that the possibilities are limitless.

4. He Has a Worldwide Handsome Heart

BTS | Image from United Nations General Assembly

A few years back, BTS collaborated with UNICEF to launch the LOVE YOURSELF campaign, which aimed to raise awareness regarding the organization's #ENDViolence movement. In 2019, it came to light that Jin has been donating to UNICEF's charitable causes under the radar. Contributing over 100 million KRW, the BTS member has been inducted as a member of the UNICEF Honor's Club. Looks like an angel. Acts like an angel. Probably is an angel...

5. He Gets Nicknamed By International Viewers

BTS Jin | Image From big Hit Entertainment

At a press conference in 2017, Jin gave himself the nickname, Worldwide Handsome. The nickname stemmed from the time that he got out of a car at the 2015 Melon Music Awards. After a photo of him circulated on the internet, he went viral as "Car Door Guy", as netizens wanted to know his name. He also made buzz as the "Third Guy From The Left" at the Billboard Music Awards in 2017. And finally, he was also dubbed as the "Guy In The Brown Suit" after BTS' spectacular "Dynamite" performance at the MTV VMAs last month. What's next, people?

6. His Infinite Humor

BTS Kim Seok Jin in the Dynamite Music Video
BTS Jin | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

Kim Seok Jin is the comic relief in the ensemble of seven. When he's not launching dad jokes at his brothers, he's either dancing crazy, showing off his extensive glasses collection on stage, or just casually hopping around. This K-Pop star definitely knows how to break the silence into a million little pieces of laughter.

7. His Words Of Wisdom

BTS Jin speaking at the 75th UNGA
BTS Jin at UNGA 2020 | Screen Capture From United Nations

During Youtube's Dear Class of 2020 Event in June, BTS shared words of heartening inspiration to the graduates. Jin pitched in with an anecdote of when he realized that he was never running behind. He was just running at his own pace.

“If any of you feel lost in the face of doubt or uncertainty, or the pressure of starting anew, don’t rush. Take a deep breath,” Jin stated with an endearing smile on his face.

“You may find that any moment can be turned into an opportunity. Allow yourself to take it easy. Take it one step at a time. You might discover the important things that you were missing, and they will reach out to you.”

In the recent "Break the Silence" documentary, Jin shared important lessons he learned from reading books and axioms: “Those who keep trying without giving up are the ones who succeed.”

You heard it, ARMY. Never give up, because your dreams are made for you and the future is in your hands. Shoot for the moon!

8. His Mad Cooking Skills

Kim Seok Jin cooking
BTS Jin | Image From Run BTS (Big Hit Entertainment)

It has long been known that Jin is the master chef among the BTS members. From the debut era of "American Hustle Life" all the way to "Run BTS", "Bon Voyage", and "BTS In the SOOP", the superstar is always armed and ready to whip up culinary masterpieces in the kitchen. One of the prettiest chefs the world has ever seen.

9. His Love For Alpacas

BT21 RJ having a picnic with a bird
BT21 RJ | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

Jin's favorite animal is an alpaca! This even reflects in his BT21 character, RJ, who is the most adorable fluffball in the animal kingdom. Much like his dad, RJ loves cooking and caring for his friends. (Cue the awwws.)

10. His Face Value

Kim Seok Jin
BTS Kin Seok Jin | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

For the sake of stating the obvious, we will now talk about his beautiful face. Even scientists in the Netherlands used math to deduce that Kim Seok Jin's face corresponds to the Golden Ratio, but we already knew that, right, ARMY?


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