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Jin of BTS Takes Fans by Surprise with Emotional Solo Track "Abyss"

Abyss, noun /əˈbis/: a deep or seemingly bottomless chasm. But the only things bottomless about Kim Seok Jin are his charm and talent.

One day before his 28th birthday, BTS' resident vocalist and visual marked the milestone with a brand new heartfelt solo track. Titled "Abyss", the song traverses the facets of nostalgically wandering in a dark infinite ocean in search of someone or something meaningful.

Though the lyrics may be poetically cryptic, they carry a crystal clear message brimming with raw emotion. Jin uses his signature silver voice to croon his way through the song that cascades ethereal art with every word.

BTS Kim Seok Jin
BTS Jin | Weverse Magazine

"Abyss" is a poignant work of art that shows a beautifully vulnerable yet resilient side of the singer. It takes courage to combine nostalgia and romanticism and turn it into an unfiltered melody. With the sentimental harmony the song channels, "Blue & Grey" may have found it's soul sister.

Published only 2 hours ago, "Abyss" has already raked in over 1 million views on Youtube. With his new solo song taking over the internet, a Grammy nomination, and two number 1 Billboard hits, Jin has had quite a slew of milestones to usher him into his 28th birthday.

Happy birthday to this Worldwide Handsome!

In other news, BTS is gearing up to perform at the 2020 Mnet Asian Music Awards and MMAs on December 5 and 6. Are your ARMY Bombs and vocal cords warmed up, ARMY?


Source: Big Hit Entertainment

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