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BTS Conveys an Endearing Message of Togetherness in Teasers for "Life Goes On"

Ever since the start of the pandemic, it is as if the entire world has found more depth in the meaning of togetherness, and BTS exemplifies just that in their teaser content for their upcoming music video for "Life Goes On"

Members of BTS Jin V Jungkook Jimin RM Suga J-Hope
BTS "Life Goes On" Teaser | Screen Capture from Big Hit Entertainment

With only 2 sleeps left 'till D-Day, BTS' new album, BE, is approaching fast! And in true Bangtan fashion, Big Hit Entertainment has released a series of teaser content to promote the group's comeback.

Life Goes On Even At Home

The pandemic was something that nobody saw coming, and in this unprecedented period of time, we have all been forced to adapt. Regardless of the quarantine implemented worldwide, we still created ways to find solace and live on with a spark of hope within the four walls of our homes. We have innovated, reinvented, and continued to live on.

This global health crisis has given us the option to either sulk or survive, and the choice we make defines everything.

While not much information was revealed yet, BTS' highly anticipated new album will clearly address and personify the bittersweet realities of staying at home during this crisis. There was much wisdom to gain, skills to develop, and thoughts to bring into action during the temporary isolation. And one of those things was building stronger bonds with those close to our hearts. A profound personal journey that has catalyzed countless stories of courage and unique adventure.

BTS Life Goes On
BTS RM, Suga, and J-Hope | Screen Captures From Big Hit Entertainment

In the first teaser clip, BTS personified what most of us can relate to: Sitting at home in their pajamas. The 20-second video clip depicted RM, Jin, V, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, and J-Hope in cozy casual wear, as they lounged and laughed in their backyard by a soft campfire. The mesmerizing night sky and serene outdoorsy backdrop are quiet reminders of their recently concluded reality show, BTS In the Soop, and the overall ambiance of the video channeled the camaraderie between seven bandmates turned brothers.

As the video progressed, the members donned their pajamas and relaxed on the couch, evidently absorbed in an enthralling TV show or movie. Yet another factor that most people can relate to. (Be honest, how much have you binge-watched this year, so far?)

The saga of sweet and sentimental continues in the second teaser with an emotional lullaby playing in the background, as a black and white slideshow of music video stills pans out. We even get a glimpse of Jungkook holding a camera, who will be making his directing debut along with the comeback.

BTS V, Jin, Jungkook, and Jimin | Screen Captures From Big Hit Entertainment

Likes As Fast As Lightning

The first teaser has already raked in over 15 million views and 3.3 million likes. While the second teaser has garnered approximately half a million views and 1 million likes in a span of 46 minutes. Once again, BTS and their ARMY have proven that they are powerful music makers and equally powerful influencers.

BE is Coming

ARMY, mark your calendars for November 20, because BE is coming, and it's bound to BE beautiful. and here's to the premiere of "Life Goes On", because it truly does.


Source: Big Hit Entertainment


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