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BTS Brings Disco Overload with a Live Performance of "Dynamite" for GRAMMY's Press Play

Clad in full retro gear, the princes of K-pop delivered an electrifying live performance on GRAMMY's Press Play. Wave those ARMY Bombs, ARMY!

Did you stay up late or get up early just to catch another live performance of our favorite seven-strong today? Well, then welcome to the "no sleep club", ARMY!

BTS on Press Play

The Recording Academy is an illustrious organization that has skyrocketed to high acclaim by holding one of the most prestigious annual music award shows on the planet, The Grammy Awards. Earlier today, their Youtube series, Press Play, was graced by a live performance of "Dynamite", courtesy of BTS. The princes of K-Pop were all glammed up in their new iconic retro attire, as they lit up the stage with LOTS of funk and soul, and we couldn't help but smile as they continuously set the world alight.

The Future Is Retro

"Dynamite" is a catchy anthem that takes people a journey back to the times of retro diners, bell-bottom jeans, and disco flair. The international pop mavens released this English track with the intention of giving fans a boost of energy and hope during these trying times of the pandemic. With their optimistic lyrics of happiness and a dance-inducing melody to boot, they have uplifted spirits all over the world. "Dynamite" is a true inspiration that reminds people to shine all the time and encourages us to be go-getters. Mission accomplished, BTS. Mission accomplished.

Debuting to the coveted number 1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and raking in 291,003,791 views on Youtube (and counting), "Dynamite" is yet another attestation to BTS' ever-evolving star power.

With all the glamorous old school vibes we're getting lately, three things are for sure: the future is sparkly. The future is retro. And we need to buy some bell-bottom jeans right now.


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