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BTS Lights Up America's Got Talent With A Quirky Performance of "Dynamite"

The era of "Dynamite" is the personification of a cup of optimism and a sprinkle of funky soul frolicking around a retro amusement park.

Screen Capture From America's Got Talent

Two years after their first appearance on America's Got Talent, BTS has returned with a fresh new track. As the American talent show marked the semi-finals of its latest season, the Korean icons swung by (digitally, of course), to render a fun performance of "Dynamite". What made this particular performance so special was the backdrop of the septet. Staying true to their extravagant methodology, BTS wowed viewers with an elaborate production number at a theme park!

Brace yourselves, ARMY, because these are the eight highlights of BTS' performance on America's Got Talent! (There were more highlights, trust me, like about 123456789 highlights; but let's focus on the top 8, shall we?)

1. Retro-themed Amusement Park

It's all just speculation, but that amusement park was definitely Everland, right? From the drive-in restaurant all the way to the old school gas station, BTS found the retro perfect backdrop to their old-timey tune. The nostalgic aesthetic of the entire performance radiated ambiance that just magnetized us all into the charismatic era of rollerskates, midi skirts, rotary phones, and no internet.

2. Jungkook's Permed Hair

ARMY already knew that the group's maknae got a perm when he showcased his cute man-bun on his birthday V-Live, but now we've finally got a closer look at it! The verdict? we like it very much.

3. RM Materializing on a Rooftop

The elaborate production number kicks off with Jungkook jumping off a bench before the camera pans over to RM who is casually vibing on the rooftop of a gas station, and consequently panning back down to a dancing J-Hope. Ah, don't you just love a variety of perspectives?

4. V, RM, Suga, and the Vintage Box Type Car

There was this one part where V gets into a vintage car and is greeted by RM who was chilling in the backseat. Next up, we're met by Suga who is showing off his disco moves on the hood of the car, while V playfully waves the peace sign from the other side of the windshield. Also, in case you didn't notice, V fastened his seatbelt upon entering the car...but they didn't drive away or anything. (LOL)

5. Jimin's Teleportation Powers

In the part right before the bridge, the seven of them are depicted dancing in front of the drive-in restaurant, when suddenly Jimin appears on a platform lift. How did he get there so fast? There are only two reasonable explanations: Either Jimin has teleportation powers or he has teleportation powers.

6. Jin, the King of Hearts

In their "Boy With Luv" music video, Jin throws a rose at the audience. He's also known for making cute heart-shaped cutouts for ARMY during their previous concerts. And for "Dynamite", Jin shows us all the heart sign. He truly is the King of Hearts.

7. The Easter Eggs

It was yet another treasure trove of Easter eggs with BTS and ARMY logos scattered all over the park. Don't even get me started on the plate number of the car: BTS 0613!

8. The Little Fountain Fireworks

Would it even be considered a BTS performance without a little firework display to light up the night? No, it wouldn't. The fireworks that flickered a gold fountain of sparks were the finishing touches to a beautiful performance that illustrated everything merry and bright. BTS is definitely in the stars tonight (and tomorrow, and the day after that, etc.).

Did we all cheer in retro and clap in vintage? Yes, we did.

Image from Big Hit Entertainment

Watch the full performance on America's Got Talent's Official Youtube Channel:


Image Sources: Big Hit Entertainment and America's Got Talent


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