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21 Songs To Play On New Year's Eve

We're not even going to try to sugar coat it. 2020 was an apocalyptic horror movie, but it did come with a bunch of great soundtracks!

A woman wearing red nail polish holding a sparklerr

We weren't wrong last year though. It was indeed the year of 2020 vision. We may not have liked what we saw, but it was crystal clear that once the pandemic is over, we shouldn't "go back to normal". There was obviously something very wrong with our "normal". So, that needs to change. When this is all over, let's do better. Quit procrastinating, do everything your soul needs, break those walls you built and turn them into bridges. Oh, and dang it cover your mouth when you sneeze in public!

If you felt 2020 pulled you back, just remember that that's what happens to an arrow before it is shot onto a target. Whatever 2020 meant to you, it was a reminder that we are all standing under the same sky and that the most mundane days at home can be magic too if we chose to make them so.

2020 was riddled with cracks, but maybe it was just letting the light in for 2021. We've hibernated for so long, we're all butterflies by now.

Sure, 2020 was a horror movie, but we heard that the sequel is a fairytale.

Let's celebrate the last day of 2020 and usher into the new year with these awesome tracks! From the moment the clock strikes midnight, it's going to be happiness only. Let's manifest it!

1. On By BTS

Seven men sitting in a livingroom
BTS | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

2. Black Mamba By Aespa

Girls dancing
Aespa | Screen Capture From SM Entertainment

3. Dingga By MAMAMOO

Four girls in white outfits against a pink background
MAMAMOO | Screen Capture From RBW

4. We Lost The Summer By TXT

Five men on stage
TXT | Image From 2020 MAMAs

5. Levitating By Dua Lipa Ft. DaBaby

A woman with bangs
Dua Lipa | Image From Levitating Music Video

6. Nunu Nana By Jessi

A woman wearing space buns, hoop earrings, and pink sunglasses
Jessi | Image From P Nation

7. Moon By BTS' Jin

A man with his hand on his flawless face
Kim Seok Jin | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

8. Chocolate By Max

A man with platinum blonde hair
Max | Image From SM Entertainment

9. Zero O' Clock By BTS

Seven men in blue and white clothing
BTS | Image From The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

10. Circles By Post Malone

A man in armor
Post Malone | Image From "Circles" Music Video

11. Wonder By Shawn Mendes

A man in a white tanktop
Shawn Nendes | Image From "Wonder" Music Video

12. Eight By IU and BTS' Suga

An animation of a woman with black hair
"Eight" by IU and BTS' Suga | Image From "Eight" Music Video

13. Winter Flower By BTS' RM and Younha

An animation of a woman in a red dress hugging a tree in the winter snow
"Winter Flower" By Younha and BTS' RM | Image From "Winter Flower" Music Video

14. Life Goes On By BTS

Seven men in a livingroom playing video games
BTS | Screen Capture From Big Hit Entertainment

15. Daisies By Katy Perry

A woman laying in a field of daisies
Katy Perry | Image From "Daisies Music Video

16. Filter By BTS' Jimin

A man in a red suit and dancers in black outfits
Park Jimin | Image From Map of the Soul ON:E Concert

17. I'm Gonna Blow Your Mind By ALIBI Music (Emily In Paris Soundtrack)

A woman in a red beret and gingham suit
Lily Collins in "Emily In Paris" | Image From Netflix

18. Be Kind By Halsey ft. Marshmellow

A woman with pink hair and in a pink shirt holding a yellow flower
Halsey | Image From "Be Kind" Music Video

19. Dynamite By BTS

Seven men in a basketball court
BTS | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

20. New Year's Day By Taylor Swift (Not released in 2020, but still a New Year's Eve must-have!)

A woman playing the piano
Taylor Swift | Image From "Cardigan" Music Video

21. Firework By Katy Perry (Not released in 2020, but not playing it after the clock strikes midnight is illegal.)

A woman with purple hair holding her hand up to the sky
Katy Perry | Image From "Firework" Music Video

Happy new year, to us all!

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