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11 Style Trends That Defined 2020

As we bid farewell to the year that cancelled everything, we're leaving all the bad stuff behind, but we're taking these 11 style trends with us.

2020 was the year that killed our plans. The trip you planned to take to Paris? Cancelled. That Christmas party you were looking forward to? Cancelled. Even the plans we didn’t plan were cancelled and we don’t even know how that’s even scientifically possible. And just like how our plans this year have gone with the wind, fashion died a little too this year. Who has the energy to dress up nicely when there's a virus chasing after us anyway?

2020 may not have been a fabulous year of fashion, but there are still a few trends that managed to thrive amidst the pandemic. And, yes, your Zoom meeting OOTD composed of corporate on top and sweatpants on the bottom has made it to this list too.

These are the 11 style trends that defined 2020:

  1. Bucket Hats

Girl in pink blouse wearing bucket hat
Bucket Hat from Daily GRIND | Photo by Lily Rossly

The trendiest way to hide a bad hair day this year was by means of a trusty bucket hat. The best thing about this piece is that you can wear it with an oversized sweater or even a frilly top. Its duality is impeccable. Also, we’d personally like to thank BTS’ Jungkook and Suga for wearing this accessory so well, the whole world was convinced to jump on the bucket hat bandwagon.

2. Velvet Clothing

Girl in pink top and light denim shorts
Velvet Top from EXCLUDED by Lilian | Photo by Lily Rossly

Name one Kpop group that hasn’t worn velvet on stage in 2020. That’s right. They’ve ALL worn velvet. We can’t blame them for choosing this as their go-to trend. After all, velvet is so soft on the skin and it instantly makes you look like you ballin’. In the olden days, velvet was only worn by royalty and the super rich. Fast-forward to 2020 and you can easily snatch a velvet top without going bankrupt.

We’re all taking advantage of the fact that velvet is so accessible nowadays. Therefore, we wear velvet at home and for sports too. The velvet tracksuit just screams fabulously athletic. And when you pair your velvet sweatpants with your corporate top for meetings, no one will no longer have any right to judge you.

3. Nylon Belts

Girl wearing coat, jeans, and nylon belt
Nylon Belt | Image from MYSLADY

Leather belts are classy and all, but we can’t toss them in the washing machine for disinfection. This is where the nylon utility belt steps in. It instantly puts a sporty twist on your outfit. We don’t know why, but this belt makes anyone look badass in the best way possible.

4. Sweater Vests

Girl wearing sweater vest, black skirt, and white longsleeves
Sweater Vest | Image from Aliexpress

There was a trend for every type of person this year. If you’re more of the quirky type, you might’ve plucked a sweater vest from your fave online store this year. You may or may not have used it as your corporate top while you attend Zoom meetings.

Pair it with a turtle neck or a collared top and *bam* you’ll give off instant “I’m a responsible type of human who always meets the deadlines and pays my bills on time to avoid penalties” vibes.

5. Arm Sweaters

Girl wearing arm sweater and white tanktop
Arm Sweater | Image from

We feel you. It does look like quite a complicated piece at first. But come to think of it, now you can stay warm without having to cover your fave top. Arm sweaters are officially one of the few good things that happened in 2020.

6. Platform Derby Shoes

Girl wearing platform derby shoes and socks
Platform Derby Shoes from Pull & Bear | Photo by Dale Rossly

We proclaim that the derby shoe trend and the sweater vest trend are a match made in fashion heaven. It’s quirky cool + quirky responsible which equals quirky squared, cool and responsible. And everyone wants to be quirky, cool, and responsible. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that it inconspicuously adds a few inches to your height. You no longer need to endure the pain that heels bring just to look taller. Petite people, rejoice.

7. Oversized Plaid Tops

Girl wearing oversized plaid shirt
Oversized Plaid Top | Image from Cosmique Studio

It’s time to dig up the plaid shirts you stuffed at the back of your closet back in 2012. This piece is making a huge comeback. And if you can’t find them in your closet anymore, then raid your dad’s closet. He probably has so many that he won’t even notice if you take one.

8. Puff Sleeves

Girl wearing pink puff sleeve top and light denim shorts
Puff Sleeve Top from EXCLUDED by Lilian | Photo by Lily Rossly

We’re quite biased towards the puff sleeve trend that sashayed its way into 2020. It’s made our silhouettes look so much more fantastic. The puff sleeve has raised our standards for what we look for in blouses from now on.

9. Square-toed Shoes

Seafoam colored square toed shoes
Square-Toed Shoes | Image from & Other Stories

None of us thought this day would come so soon, but it’s here. The square toed shoe that we left behind in 2002 is back -- and it’s alive and kicking. We should be glad it’s back, because square toed shoes are actually a lot healthier for the toes than pointed shoes are. Your toes will be thanking you.

10. Mesh Tops

Mesh tops had the total x-factor this year. We love them so much, but we can't explain why. Maybe it's the breathability factor it offers. Maybe it's the feminine elements it adds to a piece of clothing. Maybe it's because it's a super trendy mosquito net. We can't quite put our finger on it, but what matters most is that we wear and protect this style at all costs.

11. The Power Suit

Girl in a light blue suit and white shirt
Power Suit | Image from

With all the stress that 2020 has induced upon us, we’re all in dire need of some power. This is probably why the power suit trend came back so strong this year. We may be breaking down on the inside, but perish the thought that it shows on the outside. The power is all in the suit.


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