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10 Of The Best Christmas and NYE Themed Movies To Watch This Holiday Season

'Tis the season for mistletoe, hot chocolate, Christmas shopping, family reunions, and binge-watching!

We understand it is really hard to believe that we’ve made it to the end of 2021. By some miracle, we are bidding adieu to another tough and awful year. If like us, you also cannot wait to ring in the new year with happiness and new hope, scroll on down and find a carefully curated list of the 10 best Christmas and NYE-themed movies that you can cue up and relax with, this upcoming holiday season.

What’s perfect about this list is that whether you have big, outrageous plans of ringing in the new year, or if you plan to spend a quiet Christmas and New Year’s at home, there is something here for everyone! So just relax, complete all your Christmas baking; and get cozy on the couch or bed with a bucket of popcorn and your Netflix subscription at the ready.

1. Rent (2005)

It doesn't matter what year you are watching it in, Rent remains a classic to watch. The movie follows the lives of struggling New Yorkers who are dealing with an AIDS epidemic in their community. The first act happens between Christmas Eve and New Year's and leaves us with an uplifting and hopeful message. Not to mention, it is great as a sing-along option!

2. About Time (2013)

A wonderful message about cherishing every single day, About Time, is a very comforting and uplifting movie option to have on hand. When a young man is informed about his ability to time travel, naturally he returns to the the night before the NYE party to kiss his crush. This Rachel McAdams starrer is sure to hit you right in the feels, without completely wrecking you.

3. Let It Snow (2019)

A small midwestern town is hit by a snowstorm on Christmas Eve, bringing a group of the town's high school students together. Their friendships and loves collide and come Christmas morning, they find everything changed. Its an emotional, creative, and extremely well-written romance; making it a highly recommended film for all ages.

Let It Snow features an excellent soundtrack and modern cast which includes Isabela Merced, Kiernan Shipka, and Mitchell Hope. For Joan Cusack fans, this film has a cameo appearance from her as well.

4. Klaus (2019)

Now this one is an animated movie and this aspect makes it cuter to watch. Managing to prove himself the worst student in the academy, a selfish postman is sent to a frozen town in the North. Once there, he comes across a reclusive toymaker, Klaus, and they form an unlikely friendship; managing to deliver joy to a cold dark town in desperate need of it. What makes it amazing is that it is not just centered on the character of Santa, but on a human being, who is exactly like all of us.

5. New Year’s Eve (2011)

Some might not consider this as Gary Marshall's best work, but the movie still works because it has a little magic for everyone. Featuring an ensemble cast consisting of some of the greatest actors and actresses, this film is a treat for the eye, especially since it has all our favorites right in one movie. From Sarah Jessica Parker to Katherine Heigl, this movie is truly the best example of having a bunch of actors crammed in one movie.

6. Love Hard (2021)

Ah, the horrors of being catfished, that too on Christmas! This romantic comedy can be best described as When Harry Met Sally meets Roxanne. Starring the phenomenally talented duo, Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O. Yang, Love Hard is the story of a young woman getting the rude surprise of discovering she's been catfished when she travels to her crush's hometown for Christmas to surprise him. Oh, and it also stars the handsome Darren Barnet. If that is not motivation enough to watch a movie, we don’t know what is!

7. Sleepless in Seattle (1993)

This Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan starrer is an emotional tear-jerker which is also as romantic as it gets! A young boy conspiring to unite a widower and an unhappy yet engaged journalist. Just make sure to keep a couple of tissue boxes on hand, you will definitely need them.

8. Snoopy Presents: For Auld Lang Syne (2021)

Considering this movie is yet to debut, we are confident in assuming you haven't already seen this one a million times! A cute movie with a plot perfectly relevant to the current year; we are confident this is going to be one excellent watch. Catch it on Apple TV+ on December 10, 2021.

9. Holidate (2020)

Oh to pretend to be in a false relationship to get away from the scrutiny of your judgmental family! Does it get more romantic than this? We are sure you agree which is why you definitely need to put this one on your list ASAP!

10. Home Alone (1991)

We’ve saved the best for the last, because how can this list be complete without talking about Home Alone? The most iconic movie franchise of all times and arguably the most comforting movie of all time.

Eight-year-old Kevin accidentally gets left behind when his family leaves for a trip to France. What follows is his adventures as he fights thieves and spiders until his parents realize they left him and try to return, and believe it or not, history repeated itself in the 2 succeeding films. This movie franchise has definitely stood the test of time and is the perfect addition to your Christmas or NYE.


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