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12 K-Pop Christmas Songs That Will Make Your Holidays Magical

May your Christmas and new year be merry, bright, and filled with happy music!

Winter is here and it’s time to bring the holiday cheer. Immerse yourself in a music lineup for you to play in the background while you decorate your Christmas tree and sip on a cup of hot chocolate (with mini marshmallows, of course. Don't forget the mallows!).

Let’s make it a Yuletide season to remember with these 12 merry K-Pop songs!

Scroll to the bottom, for a mini holiday gift!

1. Joy by NCT Dream

NCT Dream

What better way to start this list than with Joy! This upbeat carol infuses "Jingle Bells" with "Joy to the World" and creates a beautiful aroma of Christmas cheer. The colors bring warmth whereas individual scenes bring traditional aesthetics to the video.

2. The Winter’s Tale – BTOB

This song was released in 2014 as a part of their Christmas mini album. Peniel’s iconic intro to the song leaves a deep impact on the listeners. The soothing piano tune works in perfect harmony with a cute concept that only BTOB can pull off so adorably.

3. This Christmas – Taeyeon

This beautiful ballad is part of Taeyeon’s first Christmas album – "Winter is Coming". Her calming vocals complement the instrumentals soulfully and might as well pluck a chord in your heart. The MV has beautiful scenery and the grand buildup towards the end may leave you in awe!

4. Lonely Christmas – Monsta X

Released in 2017, the song is composed by Jooheon as a special gift to the group's fans. Unlike its title, it will bring a smile to your face with meaningful lyrics. The background bells and drum beats are mesmerizing and you might as well get on your feet to sway to I.M’s rap in this song!

5. The First Snow - EXO

This song truly amplifies the fact that Exo brings out the best Christmas vibes! "The First Snow" is a part of the special album "Miracles in December". The first snowfall is significant for everyone and this melody celebrates that moment in time.

Also, did you know that this upbeat and catchy tune trends and re-enters the charts (already 6 years in a row) when the first snow falls in South Korea? Even this year, following the first snow in South Korea on 10th November 2021 it reentered the Melon top 200 charts.

6. The Carol – Loona

The cheerful melody by a subunit of LOONA: HeeJin, HyunJin, HaSeul, rings in the season perfectly! It would want you to dance merrily in an instant. The cute locations and perfect harmony in the MV will definitely lift your mood!

7. Christmas Love - Jimin (BTS)

This special single was a surprise gift to BTS' fans, ARMY, on Christmas Eve. "Christmas Love" was released solely on YouTube yet gained millions of views within mere hours of its release. Given the height of the pandemic in 2020, Jimin shared that he found it suitable to create a bright song during a difficult time. The song with mixed lyrics in Korean and English hopes for a better future filled with hope and love!

8. The Best Thing I Ever Did - TWICE

This soulful ballad reminisces TWICE's best moments by means of a cozy vibe and a hint of playful instrumentals. It is a throwback to their youthful past accompanied by glamour. This mature song isn’t typical of TWICE but their strong vocals make the song delightful!

9. Confession Song- GOT7

This adorable underrated masterpiece is the perfect way to confess your love to someone during the most festive season of the year. Cheerful chimes in the background provide a wonderful start to the song. The MV consists of GOT7 as cupids that set up real-life school couples. Just the efforts and decoration for this setting will fill your heart with Yuletide love!

10. Wish Tree – Red Velvet

Red Velvet wish tree has an acoustic sound and the harmony of the 5 members blend really well in this warm pop–ballad. It is an alluring song to listen to when taking a chilly walk in the park.

11. So Beautiful – SF9

This charming and irresistible song has a different touch of festive to it! With graphic doodles and playful wishes, it conveys a profound story. The MV displays the members as guardian angels for the maknae, Chani, and fulfill his wish when he shakes the snow globe.

If this tune sounds familiar, it's because it is an OST for the drama, Click Your Heart, sung solely by the vocal line. It was a pleasant surprise for the fans when the members decided to make an MV to boot

12. Merry Christmas Ahead - IU

Image from FAVE Entertainment

No holiday song list is complete without this song! This evergreen classic that climbs back up the Korean charts every Christmas season is a lovely track to keep revisiting. Sung by IU, it also features Chundung singing a snippet in the song. This K-Pop song is loved by many for its marvelous jingle interlude and a dandy touch by the star’s brilliant vocals.

BONUS TRACK: "Winter Falls" - Stray Kids

Fresh off its release, this profound song is taking over STAYS worldwide! As part of the group's festive mini album, "Christmas Evel", and Stray Kids are bringing holiday magic with "Winter Falls". The MV has all the detailed Easter eggs from previous mixtapes signifying sincere love. To top it off, the melodic guitar strums in the background with repetitive lyrics will make you groove on loop!

Hoping this playlist will lift your festive mood!

Here is an advance Christmas present from PopMachine Media; a Spotify playlist of the Yuetide songs listed above!:

Here's to a magical Christmas and a new year of your dreams!


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