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VIVIZ's Debut Single "BOP BOP" Gets a Fresh Remix Courtesy of Yves V

Yves V puts his signature spin on VIVIZ's stellar debut single, "BOP BOP".

Former GFRIEND members, Eunha, Umji, and SinB reinvented themselves and made a stunning redebut as VIVIZ in February 2022. Under the guidance of Big Planet Made Entertainment, the trio is already making waves in the music industry.

The girl group's debut track, "BOP BOP", was a pleasant surprise for fans who were waiting for their idols to stand in the spotlight yet again.

Driven by a sprightly disco beat with subtle Latino undertones, the tune quickly became an anthem that lived up to its title; it's a BOP.

Viviz and DJ Yves V Bop Bop remix
VIVIZ and Yves V | Image courtesy of REELS Corp. And BPM Entertainment

BOP BOP Remixed

Serving up a brand new vibe, Yves V joined forces with VIVIZ to bring you "BOP BOP" 2.0.

The original track delivered a sense of bright and playful optimism, whereas the Yves V remix will captivate you with its dark and mysterious essence. Becoming a hybrid of K-Pop and EDM, the brand new track is set to cater to a large audience.

Expertly remixed by one of the most talented Belgian DJs in the biz, you'll love the new version of "BOP BOP" just as much as the original. This spectacular collaboration showcased just how versatile and global VIVIZ's music truly is, and how masterful Yves V is as a DJ.

Add the Yves V remix of "BOP BOP" to your playlist and get ready to bop.



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