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The Guide to Staying Sane During the Pandemic

Updated: Jul 3, 2021

Let's just admit it, no one knows the real answer to this question, but this guide might just do the trick!

When the world counted down to the strike of midnight on December 31st, 2019, never in our wildest dreams has anyone ever imagined that this is what we were ushering ourselves into. But it is what we make of it until the coast is clear.

We're officially entering the fourth and last quarter of 2020. For some of us, this year felt like a grueling journey within an unending loop. If you have been living the same day over and over again ever since the onset of COVID-19, then high five me. If this day feels familiar, it's because we were here yesterday, and the day before that too.

While it's easy to dwindle into a spiral of uncertainty, we have to find ways to pull ourselves and our loved ones out of the apocalypse state of mind. The pandemic has taken many things from people, but we can fight back and reclaim our world. Step one is simple: Physical distancing. Wear a mask and gloves, limit in-person contact, and as much as possible: stay indoors. As trivial and abstract as it may seem, these factors are vital in flattening the curve of the virus, and you know, keeping you alive! Now that we're past the technicalities of it all, I can imagine that we're all confined within the four walls of our homes, scrolling through our social media feeds, bored out of our witts. Now before you impulsively decide to cut your bangs, put the scissors down, because this is the guide to beating boredom and maintaining your sanity during the pandemic.

1. Binge watch

This one is a given, and you're probably streaming your favorite movies and TV series every day anyway, but in case you're fresh out of ideas, here are a few films and series on Netflix that could get you hooked onto a whole new universe:

  • The Umbrella Academy (Season 2 is out now!)

  • Itaewon Class (If you want your soul stirred with jolts of inspiration.)

  • Crash Landing On You (Watch with caution. Prepare a box of tissue. You will cry.)

  • The Good Place (Warning: Laughter guaranteed.)

  • Tidying Up with Marie Kondo (It sparks joy.)

  • Friends (Obviously.)

  • Hwarang (Great storyline. Also, a great excuse to see BTS' V! Totally worth reading subtitles for.)

  • 12 Strong (Based on a true story.)

  • Klaus (Santa's backstory. Tears guaranteed)

  • Teen Wolf (6 seasons of good looking teenage wolves, were-coyotes, kitsunes, and banshees.)

  • The Princess Switch (Good old happy ever after.)

  • A Cinderella Story: A Christmas Wish (We all need some magic.)

2. Develop Your Creativity

With our freedom temporarily limited, we cannot go out into the world to find adventure. However, we can look within to find our potential. Perhaps you have always wanted to express your talent, but you've been too preoccupied with work and other tasks. Do you love music, writing, drawing, or cooking? Well, now is the perfect time to work your magic. Cover songs, write a novel, make a vlog, start sketching, establish an online store, or put up a mukbang show. Whatever your passion may be, there is no better time than now to ignite it. When the pandemic is over, you'll be glad you set the groundwork for something amazing.

3. Declutter

Before you start yelling at me, hear me out! Decluttering is a chore that nobody likes and honestly, I still don't know how to do it properly myself. I suck at letting go of old things, really, but it's important to keep in mind that decluttering clears up space for positive energy to enter your life. That's right, while you're sorting, organizing, tossing, and donating, give your mind a spiritual decluttering as well. Detoxify yourself from the negative energy that takes up valuable space in your mind and heart. This way, you'll have more space for the things that propel you forward instead of holding you back.

4. Exercise

Yes, let's burn those extra fat deposits, tone those arms, and promote healthy blood flow. In other words, let's get off our lazy butts and go for a run in the park, do zumba, or walk up and down the stairs, so that we don't develop heart diseases. We've been eating so much junkfood during quarantine, that it's high time we fit into our old jeans again.

Also, working out is a great way to produce endorphins (the happy hormone). I know, it's hard to part from the comfort of the cozy couch and extra-large bag of spicy potato chips, but we gotta do it if we want to stay healthy. Let's do it right now...after watching Netflix and eating a burger.

5. Make Your Skin Glow Up

What is the secret to youthful glowing skin? We all know the answer to this one, right? We just refuse to accept it. It's water! Chug down your water and eat up on collagen-rich fruit and veggies (watermelon, cucumbers, oranges, mangoes, etc.) to really make your skin glow up! Really, it's not so bad once you get used to it. Hey, put that soda down!

6. Discover New Music

Photo from Big Hit Entertainment

Before this pandemic started, I was a huge fan of One Direction, Taylor Swift, Dua Lipa, Shawn Mendes, David Archuleta, and Troye Sivan, among others. But once the lockdown started, I happened to come across a certain K-Pop group that heavily impacted my music taste. I still love all the above-mentioned artists, but I have also been sucked into the infinite black hole known as BTS! It all started with James Corden's Carpool Karaoke in March, and the rest is history. I am now irrevocably part of the ARMY. Seriously, where have I been for seven years? Their music is just so inspiring, their talent is so otherworldly, and their faces are just so cute, you know? Their soul-stirring words address important issues that uplift and empower. I guess it's true what they say: "Once you Jimin, you can't JimOUT." What new music will you discover?

7. Cry

We're all putting on brave faces and trying our best to continue living despite the global health crisis, but sometimes it's okay and even healthy to cry. These are tough times. We're all going through something. Just ugly-cry all your worries away. It's therapeutic. You'll feel better afterward.

8. Read a Book

Tried and tested! Reading a book can transport you to faraway lands and galaxies from the very comfort of your comfy chair. Immerse yourself in a good book to find adventure.

9. Go Online Shopping

It may not be a good idea to flock to the malls and go shopping there, but online shopping is here for us 24/7. My justification when I go overboard with shopping? It was on sale!

10. Hibernate

Too lazy to do any of these things? Just hibernate. The pandemic will be over before you know it. Zzzzz...

11. Connect With Your Loved Ones

Whether you're self-quarantining alone or with family, it's essential to nourish the bonds with those near you and those far away from you. Talk with each other, play video games together, help each other, and most importantly just love each other. In person or via video call, let the people close to your heart know that you're there for them. We may be practicing physical distancing, but the love is always there. When we feel lost, family and friends should help us be found.

While the world races to create a cure and prevention for the virus, our biggest contribution is to stay indoors. It's the perfect opportunity to find the adventure in our own homes. Perhps this could serve as somewhat of a reminder that every moment is precious, and that we should live life better than we did before. Once this is all over, we'll be ready to spread our glitter all over the world again.

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