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The Anatomy of An Ambivert

Oh, how harmoniously chaotic it is to be both an introvert and an extrovert. This one is for you, fellow ambiverts!

There was a time when people's personas where classified under two categories alone. We were either quiet or loud However, it looks like introverts and extroverts aren't the only types of personalities out there anymore, because omniverts and ambiverts ave just joined the group chat.

Just like most things in life, we can be more than one thing at a time. We aren't defined by a single word, because our personalities are a wide spectrum. If you've always found it somewhat of a challenge to define yourself as either an introvert or extrovert, it's most probably because you fit into neither of those boxes. If this is the case, then welcome to the land of ambiverts!

Ambiverts are individuals who display characteristics that are associated with both introversion and extroversion. They can be both reserved and outgoing as needed. Take note though, this doesn't mean that they're two-faced or are confused about their identities. It just means that they are a blend of both sides of the scale. We can be just as reserved as the introverts, and even just as extra as the extroverts.

Keep in mind that this anatomy defines my version of an ambivert and doesn't pertain to every ambivert out there. And that's the great thing about our personalities, there is no concrete way to describe them; they're abstract facets, and that's what makes us all unique and beautiful.

Vivid Vision

We see everything! (Not in the ominous and stalker-y sense of the concept). When we are in introvert mode, we take on our wallflower forms and observe everything with a wider perspective. When we take a step back from all the noise, we have a way of piercing straight to the truth. On the flipside, we can also jump right into the noise and turn it into music of our own.


If my calculations are correct, ambiverts are headstrong and relentless. With a head full of dreams that can relate to the serene quiet moments and the colorful carnival of rainbows of life, being an ambivert has the power to catalyze some amazing things.

Harmonious Heart

After lighting up the world by going for your dreams, socializing, speaking your mind, and making new connections, ambiverts need a little time to recharge. It's the serene moments of introspecting, binge-watching, reading, soul-searching, and couch potato-ing that revitalizes an ambivert. Think of it as recharging a phone so it can be ready for a new day. There will be times when ambiverts just want to curl up on the couch with a pile of junk food, internet connection, and Netflix. Then there will be days when they're gearing up to jet-set to Paris, London, or Seoul. Oh, how harmoniously chaotic it is to be an ambivert.


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