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Song Joong Ki Excited To Be Reunited With Director Jo Sung Hee For "Space Sweepers" Film

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

The cast and director of South Korea's first outer space sci-fi movie gathered for a virtual press conference at a venue that was decked out like a spaceship in the outskirts of the galaxy.

Five people at a press conference
Jin Seon Kyu, Song Joong Ki, Director Jo Sung Hee, Kim Tae Ri, and Yoo Hae Jin | Image Courtesy of Netflix

Song Joong Ki, Kim Tae Ri, Jin Seon Kyu, Yoo Hae Jin, and Director Jo Sung Hee looked absolutely stellar as they answered questions from the press and participated in a fun crossword puzzle game.

A Star-Studded Reunion

The prominently talented cast of Space Sweepers is only one of the primary reasons why you should keep your eyes peeled for this inevitable blockbuster hit. The movie also features a reunion between Werewolf Boy star, Song Joong Ki and Director Jo Sung Hee.

A man in a black suit
Song Joong Ki at the Space Sweepers Press Conference

The two worked together ten years ago, and seeing them join forces once again for such a pivotal movie is a sight to behold.

When asked what it's like to work with each other again, the actor shared: "I don't think it was completely new or different." He added that "It's been 10 years, but he's always been there for me. He is just always there, and I think that's the relationship we have. Director Jo has not lost his own unique characteristics. He's still as quiet as ever, yet so fun to work with."

A man sitting in a chair at a press conference
Director Jo Sung Hee

The acclaimed director then responded by describing Song Joong Ki, "He's a friendly person, a leader on set. And I may make mistakes, sometimes, but he's always very understanding. I really depended on him and he relied on me, and you know I could put my trust in him and feel a little bit relieved that Joong Ki is there. There's not much to worry about."

The Girl Boss Captain of Victory

Kim Tae Ri portrays the role of Captain Jang, a young yet strong leader who calls the shots on the space ship. Unconventionally perfect for the fearless girl boss role, the actress elaborated on how she breathed life into the character. Regardless of the fact that she sports a delicate and feminine look, the actress managed to shine as the alpha of the group, proving once again that the theory is correct: girls rule.

A woman in a pink dress and heels standing in front of a movie poster
Kim Tae Ri | Image Courtesy of Netflix

"Well, in the beginning, I asked the director. You know, a typical captain tends to have very broad shoulders. They're very charismatic. That's the kind of visual that you would expect, so I asked him 'why do you want me to play the role?'. I think that's the director's style, moving away from the obvious and I think that there is a lot of power [in that]. He actually told me that there is great power in avoiding the obvious."

She added, "To me, Captain Jang is someone who is very determined. She lives like a pirate, but she has something at the core of her heart that holds her and you will know what I'm talking about once you see the film, but she's really driven by that what lies in her heart."

Bubs, Your New Robot Best Friend

Bubs is a futuristic droid who loves makeup, fashion, and likes to be called "sis". In order to bring this character to life, there was quite a lot of motion camera acting involved for Yoo Hae Jin. Regardless of the challenging process, this entertainment heavyweight didn't need to use any other movies as a reference. Instead, he made it all his own.

A man in a dark blue suit standing in front of a movie poster
Yoo Hae Jin | Image Courtesy of Netflix

"I just tried my best as I always do, and I think that's the best way to go always. I just gave it a go, and all the staff members helped me every step of the way throughout the whole experience."

"I thought of Bubs, well he's a robot made of metal, but he has a warm heart. That's how I interpreted Bubs to be."

A Message From Richard Armitage

British actor, Richard Armitage, who portrays the role of Sullivan, joined the event via a video message, wherein he greeted and thanked his co-stars and team.

A man in a black turtle neck sweater standing in front of a movie poster
Richard Armitage

"Thank you for inviting me to play Sullivan, for bringing me to Korea, a place across the other side of the world to my home; and introducing me to a new country and all of the sights and culture, but more importantly for including me in a film, which I think the Korean film industry is going to be extremely proud of. It's such an achievement. Thank you to the crew who worked so hard and to my fellow cast members...thank you for making me feel so welcome, for being my friend."

He proceeded with endearing remarks about naengmyeon still being his favorite dish and made an inside joke with Kim Tae Ri about his finger still hurting; a reference that will be revealed once we see the movie.

A Heroic Band of Misfits

Space Sweepers revolves around the crew of the Spaceship Victory in the year 2092. Joined by a mysterious robot child with lethal abilities wanted by UTS Space Guards, the Victory crew finds themselves in a sticky situation.

Five people sitting on stage during a press conference
The cast an director of Space Sweepers

When asked to describe the movie, Song Joong Ki expressed, "We're kind of an unusual crew. We're misfits, and we come across a special event. And we end up saving the world. So, you could say that this is a Korean sci-fi film taking place in outer space. I don't know if I made it clear that we are all sort of wimpy characters."

Space Sweepers Will Sweep You Off Your Feet

The highly-anticipated galactic sci-fi film will go down in history as the first of its kind in Korean cinema. In the fun and inspiring words of Jin Seon Kyu, this is a movie that is best enjoyed with the sound up, the lights low, and with friends and family.

A man in a brown blazer standing in front of a movie poster
Jin Seon Kyu | Image Courtesy of Netflix

Weathering chaotic events, it's up to this unlikely band of charismatic misfits to save the world. Watch as it all unfolds three days from now!

Space Sweepers will be landing on February 5, 2021, only on Netflix.


Source: Netflix Space Sweepers APAC Press Conference


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