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Dutch-Indonesian Singer SIDEWAYS Releases New Single "SOS"

Being a powerful anthem driven by pop punk, "SOS" pushes the envelope to bring the genre back to the mainstream in South Korea.

Hailing from the Netherlands, SIDEWAYS has been singing since childhood and learned to produce music and DJ at the age of 16. Not too long ago, he took his talent and his dreams across the ocean to South Korea.

A person in a black leather outfit standing in front of skyscraper buildings
SIDEWAYS | Image Courtesy of RISEDAWN Label

Over the years, he has collaborated with multiple Hallyu artists, such as Ailee and Shaun. You may also recognize SIDEWAYS from the TV show, Immortal Songs. Alongside WSJN, Xitsuh, and DJ Koo, the rising star became one of the first foreign winners on the music program.

Now, he's making a comeback with a pop punk track with undertones of hip hop that could easily sit at the same table with music by Machine Gun Kelly, Grey, and Yungblud.


As an ode to a toxic ex (raise your hand if you can relate!), "SOS" is a song that you can scream along to in the most unapologetic way possible. Whether you actually have a toxic ex-girlfriend/boyfriend or not, there's definitely a place for this upbeat masterpiece on your playlist.

Aside from a beat that stays in your head, "SOS" features lyrics that are 100% fearless.

"SOS" is now streaming on multiple platforms. Are you ready for a dance party?



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