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SHINee's Key Announces The Coming Of His Solo Comeback Project "Hate That"

Shawols, Key is back and he's gearing up to top the charts with his highly-anticipated comeback album, "Hate That".

A man standing on a rock
SHINee's Key | Image from SM Entertainment

Just like a stealthy ninja attack, SHINee's Key took to social media to announce the upcoming release of his comeback album, "Hate That". Fresh off his back-to-back hit singles with SHINee earlier this year ("Don't Call Me" and "Superstar"), we're excited to see him shine once again.

A Shiny Comeback

Looking charming as ever, Key showcased a fresh new blonde look and a laid-back ensemble while he sat on a rock in the middle of the ocean with a mysterious emerald sky as his backdrop.

He may be channeling some stranded vibes, but somehow he makes it fashionable at the same time (typical Key, right?).

A man sitting on a rock
SHINee's Key | Image from SM Entertainment

Moreover, we know that the song will definitely revolve around something that Key hates, and we're all very curious to find out what that is! (We seriously need to know what he hates and why he's stranded on a rock.)

With only 6 days left until the multi-talented idol releases his surprise comeback track, we're already marking our calendars for August 30 at 6 PM KST!


Source: Twitter @SHINee

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