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INTERVIEW: SAYA Gears Up To Debut With ACT Entertainment

Updated: Jul 10, 2021

Brand-new Spain-based entertainment company, ACT Entertainment, has recruited their very first trainee, and she's prepared to show the music industry what she's got!

A girl wearing a sweater
SAYA | Image From Twitter @a66505653

Thanks to technology, distance is not an object when it comes to finding talent, and that's exactly what ACT Entertainment did when they signed SAYA, who is currently based in Japan.

Being a masterful guitarist, this artist is gearing up to make her big debut with the European entertainment company. With J-Pop as her genre, we're bound to see tons of acoustic tunes that personify more of Asian pop culture that stands at the forefront of the global music industry.

Watch the full interview with SAYA on our official Youtube channel: Interview with SAYA of ACT Entertainment


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