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"ODDINARY" By Stray Kids Is Nothing Short of Extraordinary

Stray Kids: Do you want to be ODDINARY?

With their mala genre at an all-time high, Stray Kids is setting new standards in the 4th generation K-pop industry.

Stray Kids are back with their new album, "ODDINARY", which takes you into a whole new realm of sounds

The album EP released on 18th March 2022 has a track list of 7 songs: "Venom", "Charmer", "Freeze", "Muddy Water", "Lonely Street", "Waiting For Us", and "Maniac".

Stray Kids dancing in the street for their Maniac Music Video
Stray Kids | "Maniac"

ODDINARY: A Closer Look

Maniac: The title track features amazing choreography and transitions in the music video. The plethora of sets and backgrounds of an upside down town give strong hellevator vibes.

The vocals and rap of this song are particularly interesting, because it showcases uniquely curated sounds and combinations with rigorous tunes. Let's not forget its nearly equitable line distribution amusing many of its listeners.

Venom: This track owns a certain scratch to it that begins with Felix’s deep voice. The bridge build-up of vocals leading to the chorus is definitely catchy.

Freeze; With its unique lyrics and wordplay, "Freeze" definitely has that tune and ring to it that makes you want to listen non-stop. Additionally, the chorus and signature “ICE, ICE” grooves to an unfamiliar beat.

Charmer: Our next track is an amazing song that takes on a new tale. Definitely worthy of a spot on your playlist. "Charmer" has the sick point that stands out from the rest. The whistles and repetition make it an addictive dance bop.

Lonely Street: Reminding us of the Japanese song, "Slump", this one coveys its own message. We live for the applause and drum beats that form the perfect bridge that lead to a massive chorus.

Unit Songs

Muddy Water | Changbin, Hyunjin, Felix, and Han: This is an old school hip boy band track that channels a futuristic appeal. It is the first time Stray Kids has ventured into such an area. With its English rap and classic music, it makes you feel super energized.

Waiting for Us | Bang Chan, Lee know, Seungmin and I.N.: Guitar strums mark the arrival of this signature song by the vocalists. If you ever find yourself in a nostalgic or quiet mood, this song is your soundtrack. It is a soft melody that heals you after a long day, so you can recharge your batteries.

Stray Kids Kpop group posing for their "ODDINARY" album
Stray Kids | "Maniac"

Record-breaking ODDINARY

All the songs have been featured on the Spotify Top 200 list, making Stray Kids the 3rd K-pop boy band to achieve the milestone. They also made their late-night US debut on The Stephen Colbert Show.

"ODDINARY" has already gained over 1 million pre-orders prior to its release date.


However, fans were left in pain when JYP announced on Twitter that 6 members of the group (Changbin, Han, Seungmin, Lee Know, Hyunjin, and Bang Chan) were in quarantine due to COVID-19. This has put a temporary halt to their promotions, such as their appearance on Radio shows and fan meetings.

Here's to the speedy recovery of the Stray Kids members!


SOURCE: JYP Entertainment

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