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Stray Kids Tell A Tale Of Mystery and Mischief In Main Trailer For "Oddinary"

Stray Kids are back, and they're more cinematic, theatrical, and mysterious than ever before.

The main trailer for "Oddinary" was released on February 28 at midnight KST. Within 3 and a half minutes, the members of one of South Korea's biggest boybands took us on a puzzling journey that can only be defined as enigma (and a peculiar padlock that seemingly plays a main character.)

Peppered in a cinematic aesthetic, it's not hard to mistake this for a whodunnit movie trailer rather than an MV trailer. The premise of the clip delves deeper into the band's fresh concept, and it goes without saying that it offers both darkness and light to decode; truly an enchanting follow-up to the teaser that dropped several weeks ago.

"Oddinary" is slated to launch on March 18, and it marks Stray Kids' first comeback since signing with U.S. label, Republic Records, along with ITZY earlier this month.

The mystery unravels on March 18 at 1 PM KST. Are you ready to experience something out of the oddinary, STAYs?


SOURCE: JYP Entertainment

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