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South Korean R&B Singer-Songwriter oceanfromtheblue Releases First Full-Length Album

oceanfromtheblue made waves with his full-length album debut earlier this month. Driven by endearingly introspective R&B tracks, the self-titled masterpiece is destined to be a replay favorite.

oceanfromtheblue warner music korea
Image courtesy of Moonlight PR and Warner Music Korea

On February 2nd, oceanfromtheblue released his first full-fledged album. Going the extra mile, each song tells a story with intimate details of his life while artistically highlighting his current mindset. The personal touch incorporated into the lineup of songs gives listeners a glimpse into the life of oceanfromtheblue, making it not just an album, but an experience.

The 12-track album came to life with the help of 10 prominent producers who joined forces in true song camp style.

While it is primarily an R&B offering, the unique undertones of pop, disco, funk, alternative pop, and ballads are evident in between the lines.

Adding to the colorful dynamic of the album, oceanfromtheblue collaborated with a star-studded lineup of artists, including Sunwoojunga and Jang Yeeun (a former member of K-Pop girl group, CLC).

oceanfromtheblue: A Wave in the R&B World

After debuting with the EP album, "Luv-fi" in 2018, oceanfromtheblue surfed the waters of the music industry with his signature sound, poetic lyrics, and velvety vocals.

The singer's continued success was marked by his multiple chart-toppong hits, such as the EP "Messages", which skyrocketed to the top of the Apple Music Korea R&B/Soul album chart in 2021.

Bringing his talent to international audiences, oceanfromtheblue graced a number of stages in London, Amsterdam, and Paris. On top of that, 2022 proved to be a busy year for the South Korean star, as he appeared in diverse TV programs, such as EBS' Space Gonggam, D Museum: Sunset Live, Incheon Pentaport Rock Festival, MU:CON, and MBN Avatar Singer.

From the first note of the album all the way to each heartfelt lyric, it's easy to predict that 2023 will be an even more jampacked year for oceanfromtheblue.

oceanfromtheblue Tracklist:

oceanfromtheblue's first full-length album features 12 tracks that are best enjoyed on a lazy Sunday afternoon with with a glass of iced while you daydream away.

3. Close to You (feat. sunwoojunga) *FOCUS TRACK*

4. Come Back Home (feat. Yeeun) *released on Nov 2022*

6. Scent *released on Jan 2023*

8. Treasure *released on Nov 2022*

9. 30 (feat. Kuhyun)



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