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Netflix Holds Virtual Press Conference for "Kingdom: Ashin Of The North"

The cast, director, and writer of Kingdom: Ashin Of The North show up looking beautiful and dapper at the virtual press conference held by Netflix on July 20, 2:30 PM KST.

5 people wearing semi-formal attire at a  press conference
The cast of "Kingdom: Ashin Of The North | Image Courtesy of Netflix

Kingdom: Ashin of the North Virtual Press Conference

Joining the APAC press for a digital press conference, the powerhouse team behind the Kingdom phenomena looked beautiful in blue and white hues.

The special episode's leading lady, Gianna Jun, shined in a midnight blue cut-out dress that accentuated her inner warrior princess. Meanwhile, Park Byung Eun rocked a sleek ensemble in all white that gave him an empowering glow.

Words From The Brilliant Cast, Director, and Writer

Director Kim Sung Hoon

Legendary director, Kim Sung Hoon, shared that he felt immense joy to direct the special episode of Kingdom.

"There was great joy in the familiarity of working on something I was already familiar with. Also in rejoining the staff and crew once again. Then there was also the aspect of great excitement for evolving the story, as well as introducing new characters".

Two people at a press conference
"Kingdom: Ashin of the North" Director Kim Sung Hoon and Writer Kim Eun Hee | Image Courtesy of Netflix

Giving praises to the story's lead actress, Director Kim Sung Hoon added: "I don't think there would be any director that would say not to the opportunity of directing something that Gianna Jun would be starring in."

Gianna Jun

As we all know, Ashin is a strong and empowered female character. With her bow and arrow by her side, we feel sorry for the undead.

A woman in a stylish blue dress at a press conference
Gianna Jun at the "Kingdom" Ashin of the North" Press Conference | Image Courtesy of Netflix

When asked how she immersed and prepared herself for the iconic role, Gianna Jun shared, "I would first of all say in terms of the physique and the stamina that the character required, I was ready before I got into playing the role of Ashin. I tried to focus mostly on trying to interpret the personal anguish and hurt...and how to interpret that emotion into wanting to avenge the whole land. "

Park Byung Eun

Park Byung Eun, who portrays the role of the Royal Commandery, Min Chi Rok, shared that the strong point of his character in this special episode is that he's someone who is ready to give his all for his nation.

"He's a very loyal servant. He's also obviously amazing in all kinds of martial arts, as he is the head of the Royal Commandery Division too; but in this episode I try to focus more on the relationship between him and Ashin and also the relationship with the resurrection plant."

A manin a white suit at a press conference in South Korea
Park Byung Eun at the "Kingdom: Ashin of the North Press Conference | Image Courtesy Of Netflix

Additionally, he believes that the special aspect of his character in the special episode of the hit K-Drama is the fact that it shines the spotlight on his relationship to the storyline rather than high-octane actions scenes wherein he's battling the undead.

Min Chi Rok was highly skilled with the bow and arrow in season 2, and Ashin wields the same weapon in the special episode. The actor stated that this would be another element to take into account. Why all the archery?

Writer Kim Eun Hee

Kim Eun Hee is the mastermind behind the story of Kingdom. She may have been largely responsible for the entire storyline, but the writer does have a favorite scene. Without giving away any spoilers, she told the press:

"Towards the latter part of the special episode there is a scene with zombies that I'm particularly fond of. It was very tough to write that particular scene and also a scene that I really wanted to see come to life."

Two people at a press conference in South Korea
"Kingdom: Ashin of the North" Director Kim Sung Hoon and Writer Kim Eun Hee | Image Courtesy of Netflix

When asked why she's drawn to Kingdom, she gave a very shot but sweet response:

"It's because I wrote it."

And what a beautiful thing she wrote!

The Mystery of the Purple Flower

A purple flower on a poster
Kingdom: Ashin of the North | Image Courtesy Of Netflix

The 92-minute spinoff will unravel the origin of the purple flower known as the "resurrection plant" and reveal the the mystery behind Ashin's character.

Fishing Adventure

In between all the intense filming of zombie-filled scenes, the cast and crew of Kingdom: Ashin of the North were able to unwind together and have some good laughs over Park Byung Eun's amazing fishing skills.

According to the actors, Jeju was one of their main filming locations, which meant that there was fish aplenty.

Vengeance Is Coming

Gianna Jun steps into the role of Ashin, a fierce female warrior who is more than ready to pierce her arrow to the center of the truth to avenge the land.

Mark your calendars for July 23 for the premiere of Kingdom: Ashin of the North, only on Netflix.

A woman holding a bow and arrow
Kingdom: Ashin of the North | Image Courtesy of Netflix


SOURCE: Netflix Press Conference

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