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Choi Woo Shik Takes Justice Into His Own Hands in the Compelling Trailer for "Killer Paradox"

Killer Paradox hits your Netflix watchlist on February 9!

A Killer Paradox starring Choi Woo Shik and Son Kuk Ku
A Killer Paradox | Image courtesy of Netflix

Killer Paradox follows the story of Lee Tang (Choi Woo Shik), an ordinary, submissive man who somehow finds himself on an evil-doer killing spree. On the other end of the spectrum, Detective Jang Nam Gam (Son Kuk Ku) embarks on a relentless quest to catch him.

Netflix recently dropped the trailer that depicts the tenacious detective at the scene of a homicide. Meanwhile, Lee Tang gazes off with a horified look on his face as rain pours over him and the hammer he used as his first murder weapon.

The Making of a Killer's Killer

Lee Tang's first murder was an accident. Haunted by fear and guilt, his psychological warfare soon drives him to the decision to turn himself in to the authorities.

That's when the plot twist drops like an epiphanic bomb; the man he murdered is actually a malicious serial killer.

This changes everything.

We have a feeling that he'll be doing the opposite of turning himself in. The evident change in Lee Tang's demeanor shifts like the flip of a switch, prompting him to evolve from a murderer into a condemner. He kills the killers.

The plot of the makeshift justice-centered show delves deep into themes of morality, righteousness, and personal transformation. From a non-confrontational guy to a self-proclaimed judge of justice, Lee Tang is the ultimate personification of an electrifying character arc.

From Webtoon to Netflix

A Killer Paradox is based on the original webtoon of the same name, written by Kkomabi, whose story garnered substantial attention for its gripping and shocking narrative. The series adaptation is brought to life under the expert direction of Lee Chang-Hee (Hell is Other People, The Vanished), renowned for his exceptional talent in handling genre features.

Is he a God-appointed hero or a villain who will undergo judgment?

Well, we'll leave you to judge that for yourself when A Killer Paradox releases globally on February 9, only on Netflix.



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