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J.Fla Makes a Stellar Comeback with New Single "Bedroom Singer"

The South Korean singer, songwriter, and YouTuber is back with a powerful pop song for the soul.

J.Fla Bedroom Singer song
J.Fla | Image courtesy of REELS Corporation

After a long period of radio silence on her social media channels, J.Fla has made a highly-anticipated comeback on October 7, 2022, with her new single, "Bedroom Singer".

The teaser images, which were released last week, perfectly mirrored the theme of the song and its music video. Driven by faint rays of sunlight, theatrical quaking, and intergalactic notions, J.Fla's music video was all about artistic chaos.

Adding to the whimsicality of the mood, J.Fla appeared to be exchanging letters with someone on the moon (yes, the moon!). The distance that the lyrics portray is beautifully reflected in the music video, and the good news is that the two reunite via a bridge of debris at the end of the song. We love happy ever afters.

Thanks to J.Fla's vocals, the melodious beat, and the magical music video, "Bedroom Singer" is definitely a song worth listening to over and over again.

Released only a day ago, "Bedroom Singer" has already raked in over 2.3 million views, and counting. A true hit song, indeed.

A Break In the Name of Good Health

In other news, J.Fla's prior absence from the spotlight was due to health issues. The artist took a long break to recover, but she's now back and better than ever before.

J.Fla Bedroom Singer single
J.Fla | Image courtesy of REELS Corporation

A New Side of J.Fla

Viewers know J.Fla as the popular YouTuber who received the Diamond Play Button back in 2019. With a massive subscriber count of 17.6 million and a whopping 3.7 billion cumulative views, this multi-faceted artist has a large audience to witness this new stunning side to her persona as a singer.



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