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How Much Would Disney Crown Jewels Cost In Real Life?

From Cinderella's iconic glass slippers to Rapunzel's exquisite tiara, experts reveal how much Disney Princess jewelry would actually cost if they existed in real life.

Disney Princesses
Disney Princesses

The majority of little girls dreamed of one day becoming princesses; complete with a majestic palace, a charming prince, and of course, a set of elegant jewelry.

In a fairytale world brimming to the top with spectacular jewels, one can only wonder how much these treasures would cost in real life. Thanks to Joel Kempson of and David Allen of Purely Diamonds, Disney aficionados can finally get an estimate on the monetary value of the world's most famous fictional gems. Are you ready? Because bippity boppity boo!

1. Tiana

Princess Tiana's crown and necklace
Tiana's Jewels | Image from

Princess Tiana is a resilient character who recognizes the value of honest hard work. To match her intelligent personality, experts have evaluated that apatite may have been the gemstone of choice for her gorgeous green necklace. This royal jewel symbolizes healing and wisdom, and costs around £250 ($334.59)

Tiana may be a princess who packs a punch, but she sure knows how to rock a tiara. Bursting with the revitalizing color of nature, her tiara is composed of regal emeralds and sophisticated white gold. If this treasure were for sale, it would cost a whopping £100,000 ($133,835).

2. Raya

Princess Raya's jewelry
Raya's Jewelry | Image from

Raya is the newest addition to the Disney princess family. Slated to debut in 2021, we may not know much about this mysterious character just yet. However, we do know that she's a fearless warrior who lives in the land of Kumandra. Her mission? Find the world's last dragon.

The short trailer of the upcoming film gave us the scoop on her choice of accessories too. In her hair, she wears a polished gold band, which most likely symbolizes strength and rank. Based on studies, its value stands at £2000 ($2676.70). Raya also dons a selection of wristbands and statement rings, which could be made from rhodium plated silver. With their lightweight and contemporary aesthetic, the rings would cost £200 ($267.67) each, while the cuff would amount to £500 ($669.17).

3. Snow White

Snow White's read headband
Snow White's headband | Image from

According to's jewelry specialist, Snow White wore a headband crafted from the most expensive silk, which costs approximately £65 (86.99). Putting a spin to royal dress code, Snow White wasn't fond of lavish jewelry. Rather, she let her unparalleled beauty stand in the spotlight. She is, after all, The Fairest of Them All.

4. Rapunzel

Rapunzel's Tiara
Rapunzel's Tiara | Image from

Once upon a time, Rapunzel escaped her tower of solitude with the help of Flynn Rider. Together, they went on adventures, reunited with family, and found their happy-ever-after.

The unique thing about this revamped fairytale by Walt Disney Animation Studios is that it all started with a tiara. This enchanting tiara is made of yellow gold, adorned with large ethereal moonstones, weighing around 150 carats. The base of the regalia is emblazoned with lustrous rubies, pearls, emeralds, and diamonds. The value of this graceful crown jewel? £150,000 ($200,752.50).

5. Elsa

Queen Elsa's Jewels
Elsa's Jewels | Image from

Make way for Queen Elsa, ruler of ice and snow. She may have given the throne to her younger sister, Anna, but Arendelle can rest assured that it has a fierce protector watching from a distance, while being governed by a kindhearted queen.

If the cold doesn't bother you, then the value of these precious jewels won't either. Most likely forged out of pure gold and 5 carat sapphires, this scepter is made for reigning. Based on the expert's opinion, it would cost around £80,000 ($107,068).

The orb may be the smallest piece of the ensemble, but it is apparently extremely valuable as well. Assuming that it is weighty, it is estimated to cost approximately £120,000 ($160,602).

Last but certainly not least, is the queen's crowning glory. This majestic yellow gold tiara alone stands at £400,000 ($535,340). Its centerpiece is a single 20 carat sapphire, which symbolizes divinity and regality; the true epitome of a powerful leader's emblem.

6. Pocahontas

Pocahontas necklace
Pocahontas's Necklace | Image From

There is beauty in simplicity, and Pocahontas has proven it. This noteworthy piece of jewelry would stand out in a crowd of thousands with its gossamer turquoise body and elegant shell pendant. The natural gem is evidently fueled by the colors of the wind.

Based on the jewelry expert's findings, this necklace values at £750 ($1,003.76).

7. Anna

Anna Crown Frozen
Anna's Crown | Image From

Sacramento green has always been Anna's color, and now she wears it on her crown as Sovereign of Arendelle. Her luxurious tiara is peppered with tourmalines, citrines, and diamonds set in green enamel. The meticulous attention to detail and understated charm makes this opulent jewel a true standout. This regal bijoux values at £175,000 ($234,211.25).

8. Mulan

Mulan Jewels Disney
Mulan's Jewels | Image From

The greatest thing about Mulan is that she refused to be defined by social standards. Instead, she created her own destiny and defied all odds. Let's not forget that she found herself a Li Shang en route to saving a country!

Before this headstrong warrior trudges off into war to protect her family and her country, she is seen all dolled up like a princess. Her exquisite gold drop earrings cost £1,000 ($1,338.35), and are classic designs that are still very much admired in the 21st Century.

Mulan's magnificent necklace is crafted from palatial jade, which values at £400 ($535.34). The finishing touch to her imperial look is her iconic hair comb. Made from the finest jade and enamel, it would likely cost £250 ($334.59).

9. Moana

Disney Moana's Heart of Te Fiti
Moana's Necklace ( Heart of Te Fiti) | Image From

See the line where the sky meets the sea? It calls us towards the Heart of Te Fiti. Moana was the chosen one, destined to restore peace and harmony to the world. With the magical gemstone as her guide and a friend by her side, she achieved her goal.

All the magical and profound pricelessness of the volcanic gemstone aside, this necklace is made of twine, natural pearls, and green obsidian. Unless you go on a daunting adventure to find these natural treasures in the great outdoors, you could actually have one made for £950 ($1,271.43).

10. Merida

Merida's Jewels
Merida's Jewels | Image From

Merida is a royal who believes in independence and bravery. Also, no grand balls and crowns for this princess, please! She would much rather go rock climbing with her trusty bow and arrow in tow.

One of Disney's toughest princesses may not have a penchant for jewelry, but she sure knows how to wear her heritage on her sleeve. This reflects in her beautiful Celtic-inspired belt buckle and wristband. David Allen of Purely Diamonds infers that these sublime embellishments are made from gold and copper, which can be found in the ancient mines of Scotland, Merida's homeland. If they were to be replicated in today's market, they would be sold at £5,000 ($6,691.75).


Atlantis Kida's earrings
Kida's Earrings | Image From

Atlantis may be a lost empire, but Kida's sense of fashion is very much visible.'s jewelry expert believes that these gorgeous asymmetric gold earrings would look great on the cover of a fashion magazine. (Imagine if the fierce queen of Atlantis herself would be the model, though!)

Being classic yet ahead of their time, these earrings are spot on when it comes to the current trend. If you must have these jewels to wear with your new dress at the next dinner party, then you'll only need to shell out £850 ($1,137.60).

12. Jasmine

Aladdin Jasmine Jewels
Jasmine's Jewels | Image from

The princess of Agrabah may have been cooped up within the palace walls, but that doesn't mean she lacks any street smarts. If you need a friend for an adventure to a whole new world, Princess Jasmine is your girl. You might want to bring Aladdin, Abu, and Genie too!

The royal is famous for her iconic look, composed of a turquoise co-ord and shimmering jewels. Made of yellow gold, exquisite mulberry silk, and extravagant 100 carat blue topaz, her headband is made for a true Arabian royal. This regal headpiece costs £2,000 ($2,676.70).

She continues to showcase her fashion authority by donning a pair of statement hoop earrings and a voguish cuff necklace. If they were to be created in this day and age, they would be made from silver and 24 carat plated gold. The earrings would value at £1,500 ($,2007.52) and the necklace would be sold at £2,000 ($,2676.70).

13. Cinderella

Cinderella's glass slippers and earrings
Cinderella's glass slippers and earrings | Image From

Cinderella's epic journey to the grand ball is denoted by her sophisticated pearl earrings and quintessential glass slippers.

With the Disney princesses' most recent appearance in the movie, Ralph Breaks the Internet, her ensemble gets an upgrade with diamonds. Depending on the addition of the diamonds, the elegant earrings would cost £1,200 ($1,606.02) to £1,500 ($2,007.52).

Her luminous glass slippers are embellished with Swarovski crystal centerpieces that cost approximately £40,000 ($53,534.00). You know what they say: Good shoes take you to good places. So, just go ahead and buy the shoes.

14. Anastasia

Anastasia's Crown
Anastasia's Crown | Image From

Though she may not officially be a part of the Disney kingdom, Anastasia is an iconic princess, nevertheless. Originally hailing from the realm of Fox Animation Studios, this resplendent princess has touched hearts all over the globe.

Anastasia wears a very special crown, as it is an exact replica of Queen Mary's fringe tiara from the Crown Jewels of the United Kingdom. Featuring 47 rows of splendid diamonds, this piece of regalia is estimated to cost about £4 million ($5.4 million). (Ballin')

16. Ariel

The Little Mermaid (Ariel) Jewels
Ariel's Jewels | Image From

Princess Ariel made her recent silver screen appearance in the 2012 Disney movie, Wreck It Ralph. The Little Mermaid looked stunning in her nautical pearl and shell earrings. Based on the jewel expert's findings, these precious gems could range from £50 ($66.92) to £500 ($669.17).

The princess' barrettes are most likely made of sterling silver (apparently, white gold would oxidize in salt water. So, that's a big no no for a mermaid.) The verdict? £50 ($66.92). We love great style on a budget.

17. Aurora

Sleeping Beauty's jewels
Aurora's jewels | Image From

Princess Aurora, A.K.A. Sleeping Beauty, may have slept for a thousand years, waiting for her prince to break the spell, but she's all done snoozing now! She's prepared to take the world by storm, and in style, if we may add.

Her striking cuff necklace is clearly made of plated 22 carat gold. Based on its contemporary geometric shape and substantial weight, its value would likely amount to £2,500 ($3,345.88).

Being the first Disney princess to be clad in a tiara, her legendary hair piece is truly unforgettable. Made with brilliant Aquamarine rocks set in gleaming yellow gold, this tiara speaks volumes about classic and extraordinary charm. Its value? £50,000. ($6,6917.50)

18. Belle

Belle's Earrings
Belle's Earrings | Image From

Belle is a person who loves books. That's probably one of the reasons, she stayed with Beast so long...he gave her an entire library. But all jokes aside, the story of Beauty and the Beast personified the fact that love can change people for the better.

Every Disney fan knows Belle's iconic walk down the palace stairs in her dazzling gold gown, side swept up do, and radiant pearl earrings which cost £300 ($401.50). By keeping her accessories to a minimum, the princess let her gown take center stage.

The far-reaching range between the value of each Disney princess' set of jewels demonstrates that there is beauty in every form (or price, for that matter!). Be it an extravagant tiara embellished with diamonds or a simple silk hairband, it all depends on the princess who carries it with confidence.


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