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Euphoria Season 2 Trailer: Zendaya and Cast Promise an Amazing New Season

The wait for the next season of Euphoria is nearly over!

HBO Max has finally dropped the trailer for the promising second season of Euphoria, and we are definitely impressed.

Zendaya is all set to return to her role as 17-year-old Rue. The previous season revolved around Rue trying to solve her problems with drugs and drama whilst also falling for the new girl at school.

This season, it seems like Rue will be looking for some new hope in the town of East Highland. The show's heroine will also be battling the pressures of love, loss, and addiction.

The first trailer released back in November begins with Rue singing along to the classic song "Call Me Irresponsible", but things soon take a dark turn and Zendaya’s voice over can be heard

saying: "When you're younger, everything feels so permanent, but as you get older, you begin to realize - nothing is. And everyone you love can drift away.”

We then see fleeting glimpses from the new season.

The newest trailer, which was released 2 days ago gives us a closer look into the mayhem and magic of season 2, which culminates in a countdown for New Year's Eve.

The clip shows Rue lugging a suitcase to her 12-step meeting, prompting her sponsor to ask her, “What’s in the suitcase?”

Cue to later, when we find out that Zendaya’s character has apparently decided to pack her luggage full of bad decisions. It turns out she is either into selling drugs or might be thinking about going into the business. We also get to see fleeting glimpses of the rest of the gang; Jules wondering when Rue relapsed; Maddy thinking about what she would look like pregnant; and Cassie, who seems to have adopted a whole new look for this season. Either way, the series is headed into a pretty chaotic direction and we’re here for it one hundred percent.

The short trailers prove that the long wait for the next season was definitely worth it and S2 is going to be as fantastic as the first one.



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