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CL Dances to the Beat of the Desert in "Let It" Music Video

The baddest female is back and badder than ever before with her brand new music video for "Let It".

CL has been dominating 2021. Fresh off the success of her album, "Alpha", the South Korean superstar continues to blaze a trail like only CL can.

Alpha Female

In her May 2021 cover story for Allure, CL explained that the album's meaning is twofold: "It’s about the alpha-female character she embodies, but it also suggests a new beginning", and added that "the songs will fill out CL’s superlative branding with personal flavor.

CLfor Allure Korea
Image from Allure Korea

The first pre-debut single of her album “Spicy” ”was dropped on August 24th, 2021, beginning with a narration by John Malkovich: “Excuse me, do you have that sauce that is spicy? Made in Korea.”

“Lover like me” which released on September 29, 2021, became her first MV to cross 20 million views in 2 weeks as an independent solo artist. The song also paved the way for her best solo artist nomination at the Asia Artist Awards 2021.

During her live countdown for the album, CL teased her upcoming B – side track “Let it”. She stated that she borrowed vocals from former 2NE1 members, Park Bom and Sandara Park, during the song’s chorus and pre-chorus, respectively. She shared teaser images for the MV announcing the drop on October 27 at 1 pm KST.

The new teaser for Let it MV begins with a bright red mustang lifting the headlight as it speeds by a countryside sunset. It then cuts to CL standing with her arms open atop a water tank singing “Believe in myself as it flows.”

A Mesmerizing Music Video

Let’s dive deeper into the “Let it” MV. Released on October 27, the song has already raked in over 600,000 views, and counting.

The background scenario in the MV included a red sports car with flashing headlights, and a dainty countryside. The powerful lyrics begin with profound questions and statements that describe her struggle. During the bridge, it shifts to a more positive note about being true to oneself and being the best version of yourself.

This track, in particular, had the old YG sound, similar to early 2000’s Big Bang or 2NE1, and that notion was solidified when she further explained in her live video that her former group members contributed to the song, except for Minzy, who was unable to do so because of her busy schedule. Looks like we were one member off from having a complete 2NE1 reunion in 2021!

During her live countdown she revealed that this track was inspired by Bruce Lee's "Be Like Water."

Last year CL opened up to Billboard saying “This song gave me a feeling of when I was with the girls in 2NE1 and that whole era. I talk about how sometimes when things are out of your control, you can let it flow. You have yourself, and you gotta just believe that -- that's the message. And I definitely wanted to send that out to the world and to myself when I was going through the process of making ALPHA.”


Source: CL Official YouTube Channel

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