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BTS Announces Hiatus; Members To Focus on Solo Projects

The BTS members will be taking time apart to focus on solo projects. The hiatus was announced by the singers during the celebration of the group's 9th year anniversary in the entertainment industry, broadcast to fans on YouTube.

BTS | Image from Big Hit Music

The Hiatus Announcement

"Our attitude towards solo music, solo promotions, is going to change a lot now," said J-Hope, who is expected to be the first to release an album. "I think this change is what we need to start our second chapter." "We'll be able to focus on our solo work now, and when we get back together, the synergy will be even greater," promised member V.

The hiatus announcement comes shortly after the release of Proof, an anthology album gathering BTS singles, b-sides, and special recordings. BTS debuted in K-pop in 2013 and has since become the most significant force in the industry's expansion. Be that as it may, they assured us that the hiatus doesn't mean the end of BTS: "It's not that we're disbanding, we're just living apart for a while," Suga explained.

In the sequel, J-Hope added, “I think BTS could become a stronger group this way; this is a very important moment for us and the 2nd chapter of BTS.” “Everyone has a schedule that's right for them,” Jungkook reinforced. "ARMY will have their motivations and timing as well." For him, “this moment should have come sooner, but I think we postponed it.” Watch the full live video with English subtitles The maknae of the band continued while receiving encouragement from the other members, “We promise that we will come back one day even more mature than we are now. I hope you can give us your blessings. I'll do my best. We will be a better version of ourselves. I firmly believe in this. So I hope you don't worry. Please wait for that day. I'll do my best".

Hybe's Announcement

After South Korean pop supergroup, BTS, announced through a video posted on Tuesday that they would be taking a break to focus on solo projects, Hybe issued a statement to announce that the group will not be going on a hiatus. Rather, they will be focusing on solo endeavors while still doing group projects. Meanwhile, J-Hope will be the first to release his solo projects. The rapper is slated tk be a headliner at Lollapalooza, making him the first South Korean to achieve this milestone.

Hybe is yet to release an announcement on the solo projects of the other members ,nor is there a set comeback date. However, ARMY will definitely be waiting.

And don't forget: The best moment is yet to come!



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