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BTS Gets Arrested For Being Illegally Handsome In "Butter" Music Video

Updated: Jan 24

BTS gets arrested in their "Butter" music video, and if they're being charged for being illegally handsome and talented, then justice has been served.

A handsome man wearing sunglasses
BTS Jin | Screen Capture From HYBE LABELS

The day is May 21, 2021, and Bangtan Sonyeondan has just launched their legendary comeback track. While the previously published concept images already gave ARMY a glimpse into the single's aesthetic, the full-length song and music video exceeded our expectations.

It was retro, it was smooth like butter, and simply criminal.

BTS Arrested For Stealing Millions of Hearts

Seven men posing for a photo
BTS Butter MV | Screen Capture From HYBE LABELS

With Jungkook kicking off the smooth lyrics, V soulfully crooning words like butter, and Jin picking up the beat in the refrain, we saw the septet getting their mugshots taken in under 30 seconds.

What can we say? After over 7 years and counting, BTS is finally doing the time for their crimes of stealing millions of hearts all over the world.

Yes, officer, those guys right there!

The Retro Outfits

We know that the concept photos were enough to show us that BTS was serving looks again, but seeing them in action is incomparable. Everything from the multicolor retro suits and shoulder pads all the way to the slicked-back hair, vintage sunglasses, and fashion-forward skirts, we're here for it.

The Elevator Showdown

Would it even be a BTS song without a dance break? No, of course not.

But rather than dancing in V-formation, the boys were flaunting their solo moves in an elevator. The dance showdown was a festival of individuality, as each member showcased their signature moves. (Get it)

The Shoutout to ARMY

Seven men in stylish clothing
BTS Butter MV | Screen Capture From HYBE LABELS

Is this deja vu, or what? Once upon a time, BTS gave a shoutout to ARMY in the exact same way they did in the "Butter" music video. Jin and Jungkook formed an "A", Suga formed an "R", V and J-Hope shook hands to form an "M", and Jimin went full-on ballerina to make the shape of the letter "Y".

And RM was in charge of belting out the lyrics: "Got ARMY right behind us when we say so."

#Borahae x 7000

That Side Step

Seven men dancing on a rooftop
BTS Butter MV | Screen /capture From HYBE LABELS

Aside from their charming freestyle dancing in the elevator, the K-Pop superstars devised yet another iconic dance move that synthesizes with the chorus of the song.

BRB, we're learning that side step, so we can get high like the moon and rock with them, baby.

The Buttery Snacks

So, our theory has been confirmed...sort of. BTS' comeback song was not literally an ode to a smooth yellow breakfast condiment, but butter did play a leading role in the music video.

If you are now craving popcorn and pancakes with a huge serving of butter on top, you can blame BTS for it.

The Savage Lyrics

There would be no song or music video without lyrics, right? And in true, Bangtan style, the septet hit hard with 3 and a half minutes of savage lyrics. Don't believe us?

Exhibit A:

Cool shade stunner

Yeah, I owe it all to my mother

Hot like summer

Yeah, I'm makin' you sweat like that

We rest our case, your honor.

BTS x 2021 BBMAs

Keep the hype going, because the Billboard Music Awards stage will be graced with BTS' debut live performance of "Butter" on May 23rd!



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