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BTS Gives ARMY The First Taste of "Butter"

Stop, drop, and roll, because our first look at BTS' concept for "Butter" is fire...and also extremely cryptic. Back to the theory board, it is, ARMY.

"Butter" Concept Teaser

On May 2, 2021, at 12 AM KST, Big Hit Music released a concept teaser poster for BTS' inevitable comeback hit, "Butter".

Seven photographs
BTS "Butter" Concept Teaser Poster | Image From Big Hit Music

While the fandom expected this to be light, uplifting, and bubbly like the Billboard-topping, "Dynamite", the mysterious aura of the teaser content pointed in the opposite direction.

The puzzling poster was composed of seven photographs, which clearly represent each of the Bangtan Boys, and that's where the clarity ends. The items included gummy candy spilled all over the floor, a vintage camera, that ominous yellow lollipop (you know the one, ARMY), a sandwich, a glass of juice, yellow balloons, and red heart confetti. (What do they mean??)

While BTS may have transitioned from their theatricalities and fierce "On" era and taken a turn for the retro aesthetic, this teaser might be hinting at the beginning of a new chapter in the infinite Bangtan story. It may remind fans of their symbolic "Run" and "I Need You" period, but then again, this is BTS we're talking about, we should be expecting literally anything by now.

We already see numerous theories flying around on social media. So, let us know when you figure it out, ARMY. Hwaiting!

Meanwhile, "Butter" is slated to launch on May 21st at 1 p.m. KST.


Source: Big Hit Music

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