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BTS Announces the Comeback Of BangBangCon

Attention, ARMY! BangBangCon has a sister, and her name is #BANGBANGCON2021!

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Image From Big Hit Music

Pre-COVID, BTS was ready to sell out stadiums and tour the world once again with Map of the Soul, but after the onset of the pandemic, everything was shelved for the time being.

As an alternative, the Bangtan Boys held a series of virtual concerts, including Bang Bang Con The Live and Map of the Soul ON:E.

This time, brace yourselves for #BANGBANGCON2021!

Get Ready To #BANGBANGCON Again

In 2020, our world was turned into a scene straight from a horror movie. With the virus spreading like wildfire, this global health crisis was something that no one saw coming. We may still be living this surreality of physical distancing, masks, and face shields, but the development of vaccines has broken through the clouds like a ray of sunshine. It's miraculous progress that we're grateful for.

While humanity finds its footing again, it's important to remember that this thing isn't over just yet. That's why several artists opt to stick with virtual events for now.

As a follow-up to BangBangCon in 2020, ARMY can look forward to BangbangCon 2021, which will be aired on April 17 at 3 pm KST. Based on Big Hit Music's latest Instagram posts, the upcoming event may be available on BTS' Youtube channel, BangtanTV.

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Image From Big Hit Music

A Bangtan Comeback in May?

Ever since the launch of their newest Japanese single, "Film Out", a few days ago, the loyal Bangtan fans have been throwing one theory after the other onto the internet that the group may be gearing up for a comeback next month.

Big Hit Music hasn't made any official announcements yet, but ARMY have their heartsset on the 2021 Billboard Music Awards on May 23; but then again, who knows if that's even the stage they'll burn with a comeback...because, come on, it's BTS we're talking about, so, expect the unexpected. Or should we?


Source: Instagram @bts.bighitofficial

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