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BTS Brings Santa Claus to Town on ABC's Disney Holiday Singalong

BTS sprinkles magical Christmas cheer on ABC's Christmas special, Disney Holiday Singalong.

Kickstart the Holidays in Bangtan Style

Joining other pop icons, like Katy Perry, Pink, and Michael Bublé, BTS launched into the Yuletide season on the festive ABC special. The 2021 Grammy-nominated artists revived the classic Christmas tune, "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" in true holiday (and Bangtan) style.

Christmas Production Sans Suga

BTS performing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town on ABC's Disney Holiday Singalong
BTS Sings 'Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town' - The Disney Holiday Singalong | Image From Big Hit Entertainment

While the group may be sans Suga, who is currently recovering from shoulder surgery, V wore him on his sleeve on a photo that they shared on Twitter. The endearing edit was an adorable reminder of the time when the rapper was absent from the ISAC Games (Idol Star Athletics Championships) in South Korea a few years ago. During the games, V carried around a plush bear as a representation of his hyung. Aw. Dare we say: How it started vs. how it's going?

ARMY is definitely looking forward to the day that Suga is fully recovered and ready to be back and better than ever.

A Very Merry Christmas

The heartwarming Christmas number commenced with a quiet thought-provoking scene of the city at nighttime. The picturesque view was then joined by Tinkerbell who used her magical pixie dust to transport us to Seoul, where BTS frolicked in a dreamy Christmas wonderland. Sounds like a fairytale? Well, that's because it looked exactly like one!

6/7 of BTS were clad in holiday colors, as they sang and danced in front of an enchanting backdrop, bedazzled with Christmas trees, fairy lights, and presents. RM even did a short adlib as Santa Claus, asking viewers: What do you wish for this Christmas?

The soul-stirring scene was an encouraging reminder of something that we all can relate to at this moment: we may be battling a pandemic right now, but Christmas must go on.

The holidays may be different and virtual this year, but the spirit of Yuletide never changes.

Wishing you all a safe Christmas season filled with warm hugs (even virtual ones), magic, happiness, love, and infinite hope for the future. We look forward to the time when we can all hug each other in person again. Here's to believing!

In other news, BTS just topped the Billboard Hot 100 with their latest single, "Life Goes On", with "Dynamite" following its tracks at number 3, and five other tracks from the album, "BE", landing spots on the chart.


Source: Big Hit Entertainment | ABC


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