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7 Highlights of the Harry Potter Reunion

Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Potterheads started their New Year the best way: with a trip down memory lane. To Hogwarts no less!

The Harry Potter Reunion aired on 1 January on HBO Max. If you somehow missed it, you can still watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

Even though it has a few mistakes which were later corrected by HBO, it was quite a treat to everyone’s eyes. We got to see the cast together once again, and the actors spilled quite a few beans about how it was to film. It was definitely an emotional roller coaster. We have taken the liberty of compiling a list of the seven best moments from the reunion. If you still haven’t watched it, *spoiler alert*, proceed with caution!

1. Daniel Radcliffe’s Conversation with Chris Columbus

The start of the reunion sees Daniel Radcliffe and Chris Columbus conversing. Radcliffe commends him for being a great director, almost a father figure to all the kids. He praises him for being the best director and for kicking off the series in a phenomenal manner with the first two films. It is truly a heartwarming conversation to hear.

2. Jason Isaacs Gushing Over Tom Felton

Tom Isaacs certainly essays Lucius Malfoy’s character perfectly. He gushes about Tom Felton, going so far as to proclaim that “Draco was the real hero.” Only Lucius Malfoy would think of his son as the only hero, despite him deliberately messing up everything!

3. Daniel Radcliffe’s Conversation with Gary Oldman

Daniel and Gary’s conversation portrayed a great dynamic. It was heartwarming to see the level of comfort they brought out. They converse about the shrieking shack scene and the fact that Alan Rickman knew his character’s fate from the start, even though no one else was aware of the series’ ending.

4. Rupert Grint Saying I Love You to Emma Watson

In a funny and equally heartwarming moment, Rupert Grint proclaims “I love you” to Emma Watson. Before pausing a beat and adding “As a Friend.” This prompts them both to burst out laughing, lightening the atmosphere and bringing a smile to everyone’s faces.

5. The Visuals of the Last Day of the Shoot

The lead trio broke down in tears which is really emotional for everyone to see. After all, it was the end of an era and such emotions were expected! The last day of the shoot was definitely emotional for every actor and it is clear on seeing the videos from that day.

6. Emma Watson Talking About Her Crush on Tom Felton

Emma Watson reveals her crush on Tom Felton and how she used to get excited on seeing his name on the call sheet. Of course, all fans already knew about this but it is still exciting to watch the actors themselves talk about it. Emma looks really cute blushing and talking about her old crush and we totally enjoyed it.

7. Rupert Grint and Emma Watsons' Kiss

This is another topic that has been talked about before, so it was not really a secret, but it is still great to hear about it. The actors themselves talking about it, and being embarrassed of it, gave rise to some funny moments which were enjoying to watch.

Harry Potter fans, if you still haven’t seen the Reunion special, we recommend you to stop putting it off and go watch it now!


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