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5 Reasons to Watch The Uncanny Counter

The ball is already rolling for season 2!

Four people wearing red tracksuits while standing in a storage room
The Uncanny Counter | Image From Netflix

Netflix's fantasy series, The Uncanny Counter, has been making waves in the K-Drama world since its premiere. Featuring a band of demon hunters decked in striking red tracksuits who are dedicated to protecting the innocent and pursuing justice, there's no doubt about it as to why this K-Drama has propelled to immense popularity.

If you haven't seen this exhilarating series yet, we've got some serious questions for you.

Buckle up for the 5 reasons that will convince you to delve into the world of demon hunters, supernatural powers, and tasty noodles.

1. Riveting Storyline

A man wearing a plaid shirt
The Uncanny Counter | Image From Netflix

This webtoon adaptation revolves around a unique plot that captivates audiences into a world of eerie and otherworldly chaos. It's common to see demon hunters depicted as priests or nuns, so who would ever expect noodle restaurant employees to join the club?

The story follows the lives of Ga Mo-Tak (Yu Jun-Sang), Do Ha-Na (Kim Se-Jeong), and Chu Mae-Ok (Yeom Hye-Ran), who were all in a coma before becoming demon-hunting Counters. So Mun (Cho Byeong-Kyu) was not in a coma when he was selected, but his disability was healed after becoming one. Each demon hunter has a corresponding partner spirit who gives them supernatural powers.

Thanks to the rich backstory of the magical realm of The Uncanny Counter, viewers are taken on an enchanting journey brimming with the perfect marriage of action, fantasy, mystery, and drama.

2. Stellar Cast

Four people wearing red tracks suits
The Uncanny Counter | Image From Netflix

A good show is either made or broken by its cast members, and in this case, the K-Drama thrives off of both an amazing storyline and a highly talented team of actors. Starring Cho Byeong-Kyu, Kim Se-Jeong; and veteran actors, Yu Jung-Sang, and Yeom Hye-Ran, the series radiates sheer talent and charisma. Solid acting at its finest.

3. Unconventional Heroes

People eating noodles in a restaurant
The Uncanny Counter | Image From Netflix

There is something fascinating about everyday people finding and unleashing their inner superhero. It's an extremely inspiring and relatable factor that adds to the series' magic. We love a team of superheroes who can vanquish demons at night and have the noodles served by day time.

4. Heartwarming Relationships

A man in a red tracksuit and a girl wearing a white shirt
The Uncanny Counter | Image From Netflix

One of the principal factors highlighted in The Uncanny Counter is love. The show shines the spotlight on different kinds of love that will reel you in until you get attached to each and every character and refuse to let go. The uplifting relationships in this K-Drama will warm your heart, enamour your soul, and make you crave noodles.

5. Stirring Action

Two men fighting in the rain
The Uncanny Counter | Image From Netflix

What happens when a demon and demon hunter collide? An electrifying combat standoff, of course!

The masterfully choreographed stunts and action sequences are the perfect platform for our lovable leads to flex their supernatural abilities while we slide to the edges of our seats with our jaws falling to the floor.

Watch new episodes of The Uncanny Counter every Friday and Saturday at 11 PM Philippine Standard Time, only on Netflix!


Source: Netflix Press Release

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