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5 Highlights of the Enrapturing I-Land Finale

I know you are all still reeling from the adrenaline of the phenomenal finale of I-Land, because I'm still catching my breath! So, while you jump up and down with joy, here are the top 5 highlights that rocked our world!

Screen Capture from I-Land (Aired by Mnet/Big Hit Entertainment)

For 113 days, we witnessed 22 contestants come down to the final 9 hopefuls, and tonight, the world watched as Big Hit Entertainment debuted their third boyband. From the beginning 'till closure, the finale was a captivating show that kept us all on the edges of our seats in sheer anticipation.

To say that it was a rollercoaster of emotions is a huge understatement. I don't know about you guys, but my throat is still recovering from all the cheering, screaming, clapping, and crying (so much crying) I did while watching the finale episode of I-Land. My neighbors must've thought I was watching a horror film.

Grab the popcorn, because we're about to delve right into the 5 highlights of the spectacular finale.

1. The Return of the I-Landers

No one saw this one coming. It was so touching to see the 22 I-Landers together again. Aside from the fact that I bawled my eyes out when they surprised the final 9 at their house, I could not contain my excitement when they performed Into "The I-Land" again. It was a profound goosebump-inducing kind of moment that stirred hearts everywhere. It's the kind of performance that personifies the feeling of reaching the top of the mountain after a long climb. That's just magic.

2. BTS x TXT

The moment that ARMYs and MOA have been waiting for: the appearance of BTS and TXT! If you expected these boybands to have a grand entrance, you were wrong. To take their fans by surprise, they just randomly appeared in the audience. We were not ready. No.

In the middle and latter part of the episode, the band members even shared heartening words of support and wisdom for all the I-Land contestants. Heed the advice of the legends!

3. The PR Videos

In true I-Land fashion, the boys each showed off their quirky and playful sides when they filmed their own PR videos and played a hilarious game of "Truth or Dare" together. To sum it all up, the boys think Park Sunghoon is the most handsome I-Lander, and they would totally introduce him to their younger sisters. (Side note: Jungwon was a sheep.)

4. The Letters and Lunchboxes from Their Families

This is the part that gave viewers a respite from all the excitement and laughter, as we were all sitting in a puddle of our own tears. During this heartwarming portion, the I-Land hopefuls were met by pleasant care packages from their parents. With a homemade lunch and handwritten letters enclosed, there was not a dry eye in the room (or on the planet, for that matter. I cried buckets...)

5. The Results

September 18 marks the date that Lee Heesung, Niki, Jay, Park Sunghoon, Jake, Yang Jungwon, and Kim Sunoo debuted as ENHYPEN!

While most fans truly expected K and Daniel to be part of the debut group, the new septet looks like a promising package that will soon take the entertainment industry by storm.

It was impossible not to shed tears for K and Daniel who showcased amazing talent throughout the run of the series, but when one door closes, another one opens. In the words of K: He will be back to perform alongside ENHYPEN. Go for it, K and Daniel!

ENHYPEN's journey has just begun, and the road ahead is definitely a bright one. With talent and visual power of this magnitude, these boys have the potential to become global superstars.

With regard to the other contestants, keep in mind that a wise man once said that rejection leads to redirection. We'll be waiting for your comeback soon!

The finale was capped off with the system of the I-Land house shutting down until all the lights turned off. It was definitely a sentimental sight to behold.

However, the iconic giant egg whirred back to life with dim sparks of light to announce that the next talent competition will be a search for a girl group. Who will be the next girls to take the stage? Will they be in the I-Land as well? What will their name be? When will they start holding auditions?

Only time will reveal the answers, but one thing is for sure: I am excited to see that giant revolving egg again.


Source: I-Land/Mnet/Big Hit Entertainment


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